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A collection of copyright-expired and generally out-of-print books from my library and other collections which I have posted to Project Gutenberg for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. They may be copied or published with or without credit to either myself or Project Gutenberg under the terms and minimal restrictions outlined in the headers of each individual file. Corrections, suggestions and comments on these works will be gratefully received by David Widger.

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Most of the eBooks in this collection have been recently corrected and updated
(see the "Release Date" or "Last Updated" date in the file headers).    DW

Abbott ------- Seven Wives and Prisons
Adams -------- Orations
A.Adams ------ The Outlet
H.Adams ------ Democracy An American Novel
E.Adams ------ The Inhumanity of Socialism
S.H.Adams ---- Average Jones
F.C.Adams ---- Manuel Pereira
B.Adams ------ Emancipation of Massachusetts
Hrt.Adams ---- Dawn
Adeler ------- Frictional Electricity
Adler -------- Creed And Deed
AEschylus ---- Suppliant Maidens
Aesop -------- Aesop's Fables
Aiken -------- The House of Dust
Ainsworth ---- Windsor Castle
Alberger ----- Monks and Popes
Alcott ------- Eight Cousins
Alden -------- Ester Ried Yet Speaking
Aldrich ------ Stories
Alger -------- Novels
Allen -------- A Woman With Tenacity
E.A.Allen ---- The Prehistoric World
Ethan Allen -- Reason, The Only Oracle
Ethan Allen -- Capture of Ticonderoga
J.L. Allen --- Bride of the Mistletoe
S.P. Allen --- Trooper With Sheridan
Allison ------ The Delicious Vice
Altsheler ---- Scouts of the Valley
Ambient ------ Oh! Suzannah
Anderson ----- Fairy Tales
S.Anderson --- Windy McPherson's Son
Andreyev ----- Crushed Flower and Others
Ames --------- Mayflower and Her Log
Amiel -------- Amiel's Journal
Angellotti --- The Firefly Of France
Anonymous ---- Works of Unknown Authors
Appleton ----- Tom Swift-Diamond Makers
Apuleius ----- The Golden Asse
Arbuthnot ---- History of John Bull
Aristophanes - Lysistrata
Aristotle ---- Poetics
Arnold ------- The Light of Asia
Arthur ------- Cast Adrift
Atkinson ----- Greyfriars Bobby
Auerbach ----- Gellert's Last Christmas
Augustine ---- Confessions of
Aurelius ----- Meditations
J.Austen ----- Eight Novels
M.Austin ----- Land of Little Rain
Ayer --------- Great North-Western Conspiracy

Babbage ------ Decline of Science in England
Bacheller ---- Eben Holden
F.Bacon ------ Essays
J.M.Bacon ---- Dominion of the Air
J.M.Badger --- The Lost City
Bailey ------- Vignettes Of San Francisco
Baker -------- The Friendly Road
S.W.Baker ---- In the Heart of Africa
Baldwin ------ The Story of Siegfried
Balzac ------- 102 Stories
Ball --------- The Voice on the Wire
Ballou ------- Fanny Campbell
Bandini ------ History of California
Banfield ----- Tropic Days
Bangs -------- The Enchanted Typewriter
Bannerman ---- Little Black Sambo + Mingo
Barca -------- Life Is A Dream
Barber ------- The Aeroplane Speaks
Barker ------- Kansas Women in Literature
Lady Barker -- Station Amusements
Barnard ------ Behind A Mask
Barnum ------- Art of Money Getting
Barney ------- L. P. M.
Baroja ------- Cæsar or Nothing
Barr --------- Remember the Alamo
R.Barr ------- Jennie Baxter, Journalist
A.Barr ------- The Paper Cap
Barrie ------- Peter Pan
Baring ------- Orpheus in Mayfair and Others
Barrus ------- Our Friend John Burroughs
Bastiat ------ Works of Bastiat
Bazin -------- The Ink Stain
Beach -------- Air Service Boys
Beale -------- The Ghost of Guir House
Beasley ------ Bret Harte Country
Beauchamp ---- German Garden
Beck --------- Ninth Vibration And Others
Becke -------- Novels
Becker ------- Eve of the Revolution
Bede --------- Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green
Bedier ------- Tristan and Iseult
Beerbohm ----- Seven Men
Beethoven ---- Man and Artist
Bellamy ------ Stories
Belloc ------- The Path to Rome
Benet -------- Young Adventure
Bennett ------ The Grand Babylon Hotel
Benson ------- Michael
Bentley ------ Trent's Last Case
Bentzon ------(Mme. Blanc) Jacqueline
Bernard ------ Gerfaut
Bernard ------ Gerfaut
Beresford ---- Psychical Tale
Bernhardt ---- My Double Life
Besant ------- My Path to Atheism
Betham-Edwards East of Paris
Bierce ------- Essays
Biggers ------ The Agony Column
Biggs -------- Drake's Great Armada
Bindloss ----- The Girl From Keller's
Birmingham --- Novels
Birrell ------ Obiter Dicta
Björnson ----- Novels
Blackburn ---- Artists and Arabs
Blackmantle -- The English Spy
Blackmore ---- Novels
Blades ------- Enemies of Books
Blatchford --- God and my Neighbour
Blavatsky ---- Caves and Jungles of Hindostan
Bojer -------- The Great Hunger
Bone --------- The Lani People
Boswell ------ Life of Johnson
Boulanger ---- Life of St. Paul
Bourrienne --- Memoirs of Napoleon
Bower -------- Good Indian
Boyesen ------ A Good-For-Nothing
Bradlaugh ---- Free-thinkers
Bradley ------ Story of the Pony Express
Bramah ------- The Mirror of Kong Ho
Brand -------- The Seventh Man
Bresse ------- L'Histoire Des Vaudois
Bridge ------- Journal of an African Cruiser
Brighouse ---- Hobson's Choice
Brine -------- Grandma's Memories
Brightwell --- Georgie's Present
Brockwell ---- Leonardo da Vinci
Bronte ------- Poems
Brooke ------- Collected Poems
N. Brooks ---- First Across the Continent
E. Brooks ---- True Story of Columbus
Brown -------- Clotelle
C.B.Brown ---- Carwin the Biloquist
J.Brown ------ Rab and His Friends
Browne ------- Robbery Under Arms
Browning ----- A Blot In The 'Scutcheon
Bruce -------- Back To Billabong
Buchan ------- The Path of the King
Buchanan ----- Foxglove Manor
Buck --------- The Agrarian Crusade
Bullen ------- Cruise of the Cachalot
Bulwer ------- The Fallen Star
Bulwer-Lytton- Novels, etc.
Bunce -------- Fairy Tales; Their Origin
Burgess ------ Adventures of Reddy Fox
Burke -------- Conciliation with America
Burnett ------ Racketty-Packetty
Burney ------- Madame D'Arblay
Burnham ------ Jewel
Burns -------- Poems and Songs
Burr --------- Bacon And Shakspere
Burroughs ---- Novels
J. Burroughs - Birds and Bees
Burt --------- Snow-Blind
Burton ------- Vikram and the Vampire
Bury --------- The Idea of Progress
Butler ------- Water Goats and Other Troubles
S.Butler ----- God the Known and Unknown
Byron -------- Childe Harold's Pilgrimage

Cæsar -------- Commentaries, Books I-IV
Caine -------- The Scapegoat
Caldwell ----- Legends of San Francisco
Calhoun ------ Legends of San Francisco
Calthrop ----- The Harlequinade
Campan ------- Marie Antoinette
Campanella --- City of the Sun
Campbell ----- Battle of The Press
Cannon ------- Prophet in Utah
Cardozo ------ Altruist in Politics
Will Carleton  Farm Ballads
Carleton ----- Irish Stories
Carlile ------ Address to Men of Science
Carlyle ------ French Revolution and Others
Carpenter ---- Pagan and Christian Creeds
Carr --------- Nan Sherwood at Pine Camp
Carroll ------ Stories
Carter ------- California Mission Stories
Casson ------- History of the Telephone
Casanova ----- Memoirs
Cassels ------ Supernatural Religion
Cather ------- Stories
Catherwood --- Mackinac Tales
Cervantes ---- Don Quixote (Illust.)
Chamberlin --- New Religion
Chambers ----- Between Friends
Chapin ------- The Crown of Thorns
Chaplin ------ Stories
Chase -------- The Penance of Magdalena
Chatrain ----- The Dean's Watch
Chaucer ------ Troilus and Criseyde
Chekhov ------ Schoolmistress and Others
Cherbuliez --- Samuel Brohl & Company
Chesterfield - Letters to His Son
Chesterton --- Writings
Child -------- Magician's Show Box
Chopin ------- The Awakening and Others
Christie ----- Mysterious Affair at Styles
Church ------- Stories from Livy
Churchill ---- Novels
W.S.Churchill  The River War
Cicero ------- Friendship and Old Age
Claretie ----- Prince Zilah
Clark -------- Journals of Lewis and Clark
Clarke ------- His Natural Life
Mrs.H.Clarke - Miss Merivale's Mistake
C.B.Clarke --- Political Economy
Clausewitz --- On War
Claxton ------ Mastery of the Air
Cleland ------ Fanny Hill
Clough ------- Amours de Voyage
Clouston ----- Count Bunker
Cobb --------- Cobb's Anatomy
Cohen -------- Grammar of Freethought
Colton ------- The Belted Seas
Colbron ------ Stories
Colby -------- A Chronicle of Champlain
Coleridge ---- Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Collins ------ Novels
Colum -------- The King of Ireland's Son
Comfort ------ Red Fleece
Conkling ----- Poems By a Little Girl
Connor ------- Novels
Connors ------ Bowery Life
Conrad --------Novels
Constant ----- Life of Napoleon
Conway ------- Life Of Thomas Paine
Conwell ------ Acres of Diamonds
Cook --------- Captain Cook's Journal
Cooke -------- The Last Days of Lee
Cooper ------- The Last of the Mohicans
R.Cooper ----- Biblical Extracts
Coppée ------- A Romance of Youth
Coppée ------- The Lost Child
Corelli ------ Temporal Power
Corneille ---- Polyeucte
Corson ------- Intro to R. Browning
Corwin ------- John Marshall
Cory --------- Ionica
Cotes -------- The Path of a Star
Cowan -------- Daybreak
Craddock ----- Novels and Stories
Craik -------- Novels
Crandall ----- Days in the Open
Crawford ----- The Witch of Prague
Creasy ------- Fifteen Decisive Battles
Craig -------- Pen Pictures
Croft -------- Pit Prop Syndicate
Crowquill ---- The Pictorial Grammar
Cruikshank --- Illustrated Books
Cucuel ------- Bohemian Paris of Today
Cupples ------ My Pretty Scrap-Book
Curtis ------- Ars Recte Vivende
Curwood ------ Thomas Jefferson Brown
Cushing ------ Baron d'Holbach

Dana --------- Within the Law
Dandridge ---- American Prisoners
Daniel ------- Merrie England In Olden Time
Dannau ------- Power Of The Popes
Dante -------- Divine Comedy-(Illust.)
Darwin ------- Voyage of the "Beagle"
Daskam ------- Stories
Daudet ------- Fromont and Risler
Daudet ------- Other Novels
Davies ------- Foliage
Davis -------- Stories
J. Davis ----- The Iron Puddler
Dawson ------- Glory of the Trenches
Day ---------- Novels
Defoe -------- Journal of the Plague Year
Deforest ----- The Brigade Commander
Dellenbaugh -- Colorado River
Deland ------- The Way to Peace
Dent --------- Handel
DeTroyes ----- Four Arthurian Romances
Dewey -------- Democracy and Education
Dickens ------ Novels
Disraeli ----- Endymion
Ditchfield --- English Villages
Dixon -------- The Foolish Virgin
Dobie -------- Literature of the Southwest
Dobson ------- Eighteenth Century Vignettes
Dodge -------- Campaign of Chancellorsville
M.P.Dodge ---- Hans Brinker
Donkersley --- Athaliah
Donnell ------ A Treeless Street
Dore --------- Illustrated Books
Dostoevsky --- Crime and Punishment
Douglass ----- Life of Frederick Douglass
Douglas ------ Placid Pug and Other Rhymes
Doumic ------- George Sand
Doyle -------- Stories
Draper ------- Religion and Science
Dreiser ------ The Financier
Droz --------- M.M. and Bebe
Drummond ----- Pax Vobiscum
Dryden ------- Palamon and Arcite
Dubh --------- Ridgeway
Dubnow ------- Jewish History
Duhamel ------ New Book Of Martyrs
Dumas -------- Works
Dumas, fils -- Camille
Duncan ------- Pool in the Desert
Dunne -------- Mr. Dooley's Philosophy
Dunsany ------ If
Durning-L. --- The Shakespeare Myth
Dyer --------- Edison, Life and Inventions
Dyke --------- Little Rivers and Others

Earls -------- Ballads of Peace in War
Eastman ------ American Indians
Ebers -------- Historical Novels
Edgeworth ---- Castle Rackrent
Edwards ------ Old English Ballads
A.Edwards ---- Monsieur Maurice
Egan --------- Real Life in London
Eldredge ----- The March of Portolá
Ellet -------- Women of American Revolution
Emerson ------ Essays
W.G. Emerson - The Smoky God
English Lady - Residence in France
Eliot -------- Adam Bede
T.S. Eliot --- Prufrock and Others
Ellis -------- Thomas Jefferson
H.Ellis ------ Impressions And Comments
English AuthorsStories of Many English Authors
Epictetus ---- Golden Sayings of Epictetus
Erasmus ------ A Mery Dialogue
Eschstruth --- The Gray Nun
Euripides ---- Hippolytus and The Bacchae

Fabre -------- The Mason-bees
Fâ-Hsien ----- Buddhistic Kingdoms
Fanu --------- The Purcell Papers
Faguet ------- Philosophy
Farrow ------- The Missing Prince
Farnol ------- Geste of Duke Jocelyn
Farquar ------ The Beaux-Stratagem
Farrand ------ Fathers of the Constitution
Farrar ------- Songs for Parents
Ferber ------- Fanny Herself
Ferguson ----- Garrison's Finish
Ferris ------- Music History
Feuillet ----- Monsieur de Camors
Field -------- Buttercup Gold and Others
E.Field ------ Love-Songs of Childhood
M.A.Field ---- Chimes of Mission Bells
Fielding ----- A Voyage to Lisbon
S.Fielding --- The Governess
Filson ------- Colonel Daniel Boone
Fish --------- The Path of Empire
Fisher ------- The Quaker Colonies
J.Fisher ----- Landholding In England
Fiske -------- Myths and Myth-Makers
Fitzgerald --- This Side of Paradise
Fitzhugh ----- Pee-Wee Harris
Flaubert ----- Novels
Fleming ------ Novels
W.Fleming ---- The Sequel of Appomattox
Fletcher ----- The Paradise Mystery
Fogazzaro ---- The Saint
Fontaine ----- Tales and Novels(Poetry)
Foote -------- Prisoner for Blasphemy
M.H.Foote ---- The Desert and The Sown
Forbes ------- The Baitâl Pachchisi
Forster ------ Howards End
H. Foster ---- Webster's 7th Mar Speech
Ford --------- The Good Soldier
H.J. Ford ---- The Cleveland Era
Fouque ------- The Two Captains
Fox ---------- Knight of the Cumberland
France ------- The Red Lily
France ------- Other Novels
Franklin ----- Hawkins' Humorous Adventures
Fraser ------- Thoroughbreds
Frederic ----- Novels
Freeman ------ The Yates Pride
Freud -------- A Young Girl's Diary
Friebe ------- Nomad of the Nine Lives
Fries -------- Moravians in Georgia
Frost -------- A Boy's Will
J.Frost ------ The Indian
Fuhrer ------- The Mysteries of Montreal

Gaboriau ----- Novels
Galdos ------- Dona Perfecta
Galsworthy --- Novels and Essays
Ganguli ------ The Mahabharata
Gardiner ----- Windfalls
Garibaldi ---- Rule of the Monk
Gatlin ------- Missy
Gaunt -------- The Moving Finger
Gautier ------ Captain Fracasse
Gellibrand --- J. Cole
Gentry ------- Nests and Eggs of Birds
Gibbon ------- Decline and Fall of Rome
Gibbs -------- Now It Can Be Told
Gibson ------- Southerly Busters
Gilbert ------ Gilbert and Sullivan Plays
Giles -------- Books on China
Gilman ------- Herland
Gillmore ----- Angel Island
Gissing ------ New Grub Street
Glaspell ----- Lifted Masks
Gladstone ---- On Books and their Housing
Glasgow ------ The Battle Ground
Godolphin ---- In Words of One Syllable
Godwin ------- Thoughts on Man
Goethe ------- Egmont
Gogol -------- Dead Souls
Goldsmith ---- Court of St.Cloud
O.Goldsmith -- She Stoops to Conquer
Goncharov ---- The Precipice
Gordon ------- Poems
H.Gordon ----- Legends of the Northwest
Gore --------- Theresa Marchmont
Gorky -------- Foma Gordyeff
Gosse -------- Henrik Ibsen
Gowanlock ---- Camp of Big Bear
Gower -------- Confessio Amantis
Grahame ------ Writings
Grant -------- Memoirs
R.Grant ------ The Law-Breakers and Othes
Graves ------- Country Sentiment
K.Graves ----- Sixteen Crucified Saviors
Gray --------- A Bad Boy
I.Gray ------- Gospel of Slavery
Green -------- Stories
Grey --------- The Lone Star Ranger
Grimm -------- Grimms' Fairy Tales
Grimshaw ----- The Strange South Seas
Groner ------- Detective Stories
Grove -------- Over Prairie Trails
Guest -------- Just Folks
Guizot ------- History of France
Gunn --------- Bergson and His Philosophy
A.Gunn ------- We of the Never-Never

Hadden ------- Haydn
Haeckel ------ Monism
Haggard ------ Novels
Haldeman ----- Dust
L.P.Hale ----- The Peterkin Papers
B.F.Hale ----- The Nest Builder
M.Hale ------- Hero of Hill House
Halevy ------- Abbe Constantin
Haliburton --- The Attache
Hall --------- Buried Cities
A.Hall ------- The Blind Spot
Hallays ------ The Heart of France
Hamilton ----- Memoirs Count Grammont
Hamsun ------- Pan
Hancock ------ Young Engineers in Arizona
Hankin ------- The Last of The De Mullins
Hanson ------- Frontier Ballads
Harben ------- Land of the Changing Sun
Hardy -------- Return of the Native
Hargrave ----- At Suvla Bay
Hariot ------- A Briefe and True Report
Harland ------ Cardinal's Snuff-Box
M.Harland ---- At Last
Harrington --- Commonwealth of Oceana
Harris ------- Stories
J.C. Harris -- Stories of Georgia
Harrison ----- Crowded Out and Others
Harte -------- Selected Stories
Hauff -------- The Severed Hand
Hausett ------ Memoirs Louis XIV.& XV.
Hawk --------- Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak
Hawthorne ---- Remaining Works
J.Hawthorne -- The Golden Fleece
Hay ---------- Pike County Ballads
A.A Hayes ---- The Denver Express
E. Hayes ----- Gilbert's Voyage to Newfoundland
Hayley ------- Ballads
Hazlitt ------ Table-Talk
Headley ------ Great Riots of New York
Hearn -------- French West Indies
Hemphill ----- Down the Mother Lode
Hendrick ----- The Age of Big Business
O.Henry ------ Trimmed Lamp and Others
Henty -------- Saint George for England
Herbert ------ Two Dianas in Somaliland
Hergesheimer - The Happy End
Herndon ------ Biography of A. Lincoln
Herodotus ---- An Account of Egypt
Herr --------- Their Mariposa Legend
Herrick ------ Lyrical Poems
Hewlett ------ Rest Harrow
Hiatt -------- Picture Posters
Hichens ------ Prophet of Berkeley Square
Fâ-Hsien ----- Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms
Higginson ---- Malbone
Hill --------- The City of Fire
F.T. Hill ---- On the Trail of Grant and Lee
C. C. Hine --- Mrs. Leary's Cow
Hobbes ------- Leviathan
Hodges ------- Cabots and the Discovery of America
Hoffman ------ Man In The Reservoir
Hogan -------- Auricular Confession
Holbach ------ Good Sense
Holland ------ Liberty In The 19th Century
Holley ------- Samantha
Holmes, Sr. -- Essays and Novels
Holmes, Jr. -- Path of the Law
T. Holmes ---- London's Underworld
M. Holmes ---- Aikenside
G.Holyoake --- Works
Home --------- Illustrated works
Homer -------- Works of Homer and Hesiod
Hope --------- Prisoner of Zenda and Sequel
L.Hope ------- India's Love Lyrics
Hornung ------ Dead Men Tell No Tales
Hough -------- Passing of the Frontier
Housman ------ The Blue Moon
A.Housman ---- A Shropshire Lad
Howard ------- The Female Gamester
Howe --------- How We Robbed Mexico
Howells ------ Novels and Essays
Howland ------ Theodore Roosevelt
S.Hudson ----- War-time Silhouettes
W.Hudson ----- Fan
Hughes ------- Tom Brown's Schooldays
R.Hughes ----- We Can't Have Everything
Hugo --------- Les Miserables
Hulbert ------ Paths of Inland Commerce
Hull --------- The Shadow of the East
Hume --------- History of England
F.Hume ------- The Green Mummy
Huntington --- The Red Man's Continent
Hutchinson --- The Press-Gang Afloat
A.Hutchinson - Once Aboard The Lugger
Hutton ------- The Moravian Church
T.Huxley ----- Essays
A.Huxley ----- Crome Yellow
Huysmans ----- Sac-Au-Dos
Hyne --------- The Lost Continent

Ibanez ------- The Four Horsemen
Ibsen -------- A Doll's House
Inchfawn ----- Verse-Book Of A Homely Woman
Ingersoll ---- Complete Works
Ingersoll ---- Short Works
Inman -------- The Old Santa Fe Trail
T.Inman ------ Ancient Faiths
Irving ------- Stories
H.B.Irving --- Remarkable Criminals
Irwin -------- The Californiacs
W. Irwin ----- The City That Was
Wal. Irwin --- Love Sonnets

Jacobs ------- Novels
Jacobsen ----- Mogens and Other Stories
Jackson ------ Ramona
Jahn --------- The Life of Mozart (3 vol)
James -------- Novels
W.D. James --- Gen. Francis Marion
Janvier ------ Novels
Jarves ------- War Days in Brittany
Jayne -------- In the Pecos Country
Jefferson ---- Memoir and Writings
Jenkins ------ Ginx's Baby
Jerome ------- Stories
S.Johnson ---- Lives of the Poets
R.Johnson ---- The War of 1812
Jewett ------- Pointed Firs
A.Johnson ---- Jefferson and Colleagues
Johnson ------ Getting Gold
Johnston ----- 1492
Johnston ----- The Little Colonel
Jonson ------- Every Man In His Humor
Jordan ------- Call of the 20th Century
Josephus ----- Against Apion
Joyce -------- Ulysses
Judson ------- Legends of California
Judy --------- Questionable Amusements
Justinian ---- The Institutes of Justinian

Kamban ------- Hadda Padda
Kant --------- Critique of Pure Reason
Keable ------- Père Etienne
Keats -------- Lamia
Keith -------- Black-Bearded Barbarian
Keller ------- Story of My Life
Kester ------- The Prodigal Judge
Khayyam ------ Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
Kielland ----- Tales of Two Countries
Killen-------- The Ignatian Epistles
Kilmer ------- Main Street and Others
Kilner ------- Life of a Mouse
King --------- Legends Of Babylon And Egypt
King C.------- Rancho Del Muerto
Kingsley------ Westward Ho!
Kipling ------ Jungle Book and Others
Kirby -------- The Golden Dog
Kirk --------- The Norsk Nightingale
Knowlton ----- Fruits of Philosophy
Knox --------- The Lost Army
Kompert ------ The Ghetto Violet
Kuprin ------- Yama (The Pit)
Kyd ---------- The Spanish Tragedie
Kyne --------- Cappy Ricks

Lafayette ---- Manuscripts of General Lafayette
Lamon -------- The Life of Lincoln
Lamprey ------ Masters of the Guild
Lau-Tse ------ Tao Teh King
Lang --------- Novels
Langon ------- Comtesse du Barry
Latzko ------- Men in War
Lawrence ----- Novels
Lawson ------- World was Wide Verses
J.Lawson ----- A New Voyage to Carolina
Lazarus ------ Poems of Emma Lazarus
Leacock ------ My Discovery of England
Lear --------- Book of Nonsense
Leathem ------ The Comrade In White
Leatherbee --- The Christian Mythology
LeBlanc ------ The Crystal Stopper
Lee ---------- Uncle William
R.E.Lee ------ Recollections
Leech -------- Illustrated Books
Lefevre ------ The Tipster
Lehmann ------ The Vagabond from Punch
Leigh -------- Jack The Giant Killer
H.S.Leigh ---- Carols of Cockayne
Lermontov ---- A Hero of Our Time
Leroux ------- Secret of the Night
Lessing ------ Minna von Barnhelm
Lever -------- Lorrequer and Others
A.H.Lewis ---- How The Raven Died
Jos. Lewis --- Tyanny of God
C.S.Lewis ---- Spirits in Bondage
S.Lewis ------ Babbitt and Main Street
M.G.Lewis ---- A West India Proprietor
Liljencrantz - Ward of King Canute
Lincoln, A. -- Letters and Speeches
Lincoln, J. -- Stories
Lincoln, N. -- The Red Seal
Lindsay ------ Voyage to Arcturus
Ling --------- Two Years in the Forbidden City
Linn --------- The Story of the Mormons
Lisle -------- Supernatural Claims Christianity
Little ------- Little Sister Snow
Liszt -------- Life of Chopin
Livingstone -- Journeys in South Africa
Locke -------- Simon the Jester
Lofting ------ Voyages of Doctor Dolittle
Logan -------- The Great Conspiracy
London ------- Novels
Long --------- Secret of the Woods
Loon --------- The Story of Mankind
Lorenzini ---- Adventures of Pinocchio
Lossing ------ Field-Book of The Revolution
Loti --------- Mme. Crysantheme
Loti --------- Other Novels
Lover -------- Handy Andy
A.Lowell ----- Many-Coloured Glass
J.R.Lowell --- My Garden Acquaintance
P.Lowell ----- Soul of the Far East
Lucas -------- Roving East and Roving West
Lucretius ---- Of The Nature of Things
Ludlow ------- A Brace Of Boys
Lumb --------- Authors of Greece
Luther ------- Christian Liberty
Lydgate ------ Disguising at Hertford
Lyall -------- Novels
Lyell -------- The Antiquity of Man
Lynde -------- A Fool For Love
Lytton ------- Novels, etc.

MacDonald ---- Stories
Macaulay ----- Works of History
MacClure ----- She Stands Accused
Mackay ------- Popular Delusions
Machiavelli -- The Prince
Macy --------- The Anti-Slavery Crusade
MacGrath ----- The Drums Of Jeopardy
MacPherson --- Fragments Of Ancient Poetry
Maeterlinck -- The Blue Bird
Maclaren ----- Doctor of Old School
Mcabe -------- The Story of Evolution
McCarter ----- A Master's Degree
McClure ------ Lincoln's Yarns and Stories
McCrae ------- In Flander's Field, et al.
McElroy ------ Andersonville et al.
McCutcheon --- West Wind Drift
McGlashan ---- History of the Donner Party
McNeill ------ Songs, Merry and Sad
McSpadden ---- Robin Hood
McLaughlin --- Sioux Myths and Legends
Madison ------ Federalist Papers
Maher -------- A Man of Samples
Maeterlinck -- The Life of the Bee
Malory ------- Le Morte D'Arthur
Malot -------- Conscience
Malthus ------ Nature and Progress of Rent
Mangasarian -- Jesus is He a Myth?
Manning ------ English Pictures
Mansfield ---- The Garden Party
Marble ------- Women of the Mayflower
Mare --------- The Return
Marion ------- Wonderful Balloon Ascents
Marlowe ------ Dr. Faustus and Others
Marquis ------ Danny's Own Story
Marshall ----- Life of Washington
Martin ------- Horace
Marx --------- Louis Bonaparte
Masefield ---- The Duke's Messenger
Mason -------- Mae Madden
Mason -------- Women of the French Salons
Maspero ------ History of Egypt
Massa -------- Zibeline
Masters ------ Toward the Gulf
Maupassant --- Stories and Novels
Mawson ------- The Home of the Blizzard
Maxwell ------ Hector O'Halloran
Mayo --------- Baby Mine
Meade -------- Light O' The Morning
Melville ----- Typee
Mencken ------ In Defense of Women
Meredith ----- Novels
O.Meredith --- Lucile
I.Meredith --- Girl Among the Anarchists
Merimee ------ Novels
Merriman ----- The Vultures
Merritt ------ The Metal Monster
Merwin ------- The Short Line War
Meslier ------ Superstition In All Ages
Mill --------- The Contest in America
Millay ------- Second April
Mille -------- Cord and Creese
Miller ------- Robin Hood
Milne -------- Red House Mystery
Milton ------- Areopagitica
Mitchell ----- Autobiography of a Quack
L.Mitchell --- Religion In The Heavens
Mitford ------ Stories
Moffett ------ The Conquest of America
Moliere ------ Amphitryon
Molloy ------- Royalty Restored
Montaigne ---- Essays
Montespan ---- Marquise de Montespan
Montgomery --- Anne Novels
Moodie ------- Life in the Backwoods
Moody -------- The Railroad Builders
Moore -------- Phyllis of Philistia
J. Moore ----- Members of Congress Bribed
G. Moore ----- Spring Days
Moorman ------ Yorkshire Dialect Poems
Morgan ------- The Shakespearean Myth
S.Morgan ----- The Wild Irish Girl
Morier ------- Hajji Baba
Morley ------- Where the Blue Begins
Morris ------- San Francisco Calamity
W. Morris ---- Child Christopher
G. Morris ---- Aladdin O'Brien
Morrison ----- Adventures of a Boy Reporter
Morrow ------- Inmate Of The Dungeon
Morton ------- Exempting the Churches
Moss --------- Nature and the Gods
Motley ------- History Netherlands
Mozart ------- Letters of W. A. Mozart
Mozart ------- Life of W.A. Mozart(3 vol)
Muhlbach ----- The Daughter of an Empress
Muir --------- Steep Trails
Mulford ------ Bar-20 Days
Mundy -------- Rung Ho!
Munro -------- Novels
S.Munro ------ Stark Munro Letters
D.C.Murray --- Novels
W.H.Murray --- Ride With A Mad Horse
Musset ------- Child of The Century

Nash --------- Unfortunate Traveller
Navarre ------ Memoirs Queen of Navarre
Navarre ------ The "Heptameron"
Nennius ------ History Of The Britons
Neville ------ The Isle of Pines
Nesbit ------- Incomplete Amorist
Nexo --------- Pelle the Conqueror
Nicolay ------ Boys' Life of Abraham Lincoln
Nichols ------ Sir Francis Drake Revived
Niecks ------- Frederick Chopin
Niemann ------ Coming Conquest of England
Niese -------- The Little Mamsell
Nietzsche ---- Thus Spake Zarathustra
Norris ------- Novels
Nye ---------- Remarks

O'brien ------ The Diamond Lens
Offen -------- Free Discussion
Ogden -------- Tattine
Ogg ---------- The Old Northwest
O'Grady ------ Early Bardic Literature
Ohnet -------- Serge Panin
Okakura ------ The Book of Tea
Oliphant ----- Jeanne d'Arc
Olliphant ---- Bob, Son of Battle
Olcott ------- Stories For Great Holidays
Oppenheim ---- The Great Impersonation
Óuida -------- Under Two Flags
Orczy -------- The Scarlet Pimpernel
Orleans ------ The Duchesse d'Orleans
Orr ---------- Life of Robert Browning
L.Orr -------- Famous Affinities
Orth --------- The Boss and the Machine
Orvis -------- Fishing With The Fly
Osler -------- Evolution of Modern Medicine
Ossendowski -- Beasts, Men and Gods
Ostrovsky ---- The Storm
Otis --------- Toby Tyler
Otway -------- Tragedy of Venice Preserved
Ovid --------- The Amores, or Amours
Owen --------- Poems

Packard ------ Jimmie Dale
Page --------- Stories
Tom Paine ---- Complete Writings
Paine -------- Mark Twain
R.D.Paine ---- The Old Merchant Marine
Paltock ------ Adventures Peter Wilkins
Park --------- History of Medicine
Parker ------- Novels
F.Parkman ---- The Book of Roses
Parkman Jr. -- The Oregon Trail
Parrish ------ Keith of the Border
Parsons ------ The Non-Christian Cross
Parton ------- Revolutionary Heroes
Passos ------- Three Soldiers
Paterson ----- Stories
Payn --------- Mirk Abbey
Payne -------- Alaeddin and the Enchanted Lamp
Peabody ------ Old Greek Folk Stories
Peacock ------ Gryll Grange
Peattie ------ A Michigan Man
Peck --------- Peck's Bad Boy, et al.
Pedler ------- Novels
Peel --------- Oxford
Pennell ------ History of Rome to 476 AD
H.C.Pennell -- Puck on Pegasus
Pepys -------- Diary
Perry -------- American Spirit in Literature
Petrie ------- Egyptian Tales
Petronius ---- The Satyricon
Philanthropos - The Jew Books
Phillips ----- The Deluge
Phillpotts --- The Grey Room
Picq --------- Battle Studies
Pidgin ------- Quincy Adams Sawyer
Saint Pierre - Paul and Virginia
Pinero ------- The Squire (Play)
Pittenger ---- Toasts
Plato -------- Works
Plautus ------ Captiva and Mostellaria
Pliny -------- Letters of Pliny
Plunkitt ----- Plunkitt of Tammany Hall
Plutarch ----- Boys' and Girls' Plutarch
Poe ---------- Major Works
Pollard ------ History of the Great War
G. Porter ---- Novels
E.H. Porter -- Miss Billy
Post --------- Sleuth of St. James's Square
Pound -------- Certain Noble Plays of Japan
Poushkin ----- Queen Of Spades
Powell ------- Canyons of the Colorado
Pretty ------- Sir Francis Drake's Voyage
Pringle ------ Ingersoll in Canada
Proudhon ----- What is Property?
Proust ------- Swann's Way
Punshon ------ The Bittermeads Mystery
Putnam ------- Nonsenseorship
Pyle --------- Men of Iron
K. Pyle ------ The Counterpane Fairy

Queux -------- Mademoiselle of Monte Carlo
Quiller-Couch  Roll-Call Of The Reef
Quincey ------ The Caesars

Rabb --------- National Epics
Rabelais ----- Gargantua/Pantagruel
Racine ------- Phaedra
Radcliffe ---- Mysteries of Udolpho
Raine -------- Bucky O'Connor
Raleigh ------ The Discovery of Guiana
Rand --------- Anthem
Ransome ------ The Crisis in Russia
Raspe -------- Adventures of Baron Munchausen
Rawlinson ---- Seven Monarchies
Read --------- Drifting
Reade -------- Novels
Reber -------- The Christ Of Paul
Redgrove ----- Bygone Beliefs
Reed --------- Lavender and Old Lace
Reeve -------- The Silent Bullet
C.Reeve ------ The Old English Baron
Remington ---- The Way of an Indian
Remsburg ----- Lincoln: Was He Christian?
Retz --------- Cardinal de Retz
Rhodes ------- The Case of Summerfield
Reynolds ----- The Twin Hells
Rhodius ------ The Argonautica
Rice --------- Romance of Billy-Goat Hill
Richards ----- Green Satin Gown
Richardson --- Pamela
D.Richardson - Pointed Roofs
J.Richardson - Hardscrabble
S.Richardson - Grey Nunnery at Montreal
Richmond ----- Red Pepper Burns
Riley -------- Farm-Rhymes
Rinehart ----- Where There's A Will
Robb --------- Swamp Doctor's Adventures
Robertson ---- History of Freethought
Robinson ----- Children of the Night
Rochefoucauld- Maxims
Roe ---------- Letters from an Officer's Wife
V.Roe -------- Maid of the Whispering Hills
Rohmer ------- The Yellow Claw
Ronge -------- Holy Coat Of Treves
Roosevelt ---- Autobiography and Others
Rorer -------- Ice Creams, Water Ices
Ross --------- Autobiography and Others
Rousseau ----- Confessions
Rowlandson --- Captivity and Restoration
Rowson ------- Charlotte Temple
Ruskin ------- Val d'Arno
B. Russell --- The Analysis of Mind
Russell ------ War for Humanity
G.W.Russell -- National Being
Roy ---------- Philosophy: Henri Bergson
Ruxton ------- In the Old West

Sabatini ----- Mistress Wilding
Saint-Simon -- The Duc de Saint-Simon
De La Sale --- Les Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles
Sand --------- Novels
Sands -------- Poems
Sanger ------- The Pivot of Civilization
Sangster ----- Cross Roads
W.Sangster --- Umbrellas and their History
Saunders ----- Beautiful Joe
Savage ------- A Fascinating Traitor
Saxo --------- The Danish History, Books I-IX
Schiller ----- Entire Works
Schnitzler --- The Dead Are Silent
Schoenhofer -- Nursing as Caring
Schoolcraft -- The Indian Fairy Book
Schreiner ---- Story of an African Farm
Schroeder ---- Life And Times Of Washington
Scollard ----- From The Lips of the Sea
Scott -------- Novels
L.Scott ------ Children of the Whirlwind
M.Scott ------ Tom Cringle's Log
Scudder ------ Fables and Folk Stories
Seaver ------- Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison
Seneca ------- Seneca On Benefits
Service ------ Ballads
Seton -------- Rolf In The Woods
S-Thompson --- A Woman Tenderfoot
Severy ------- The Darrow Enigma
Sewell ------- Black Beauty
Seymour ------ Sketches
Shakespeare -- Venus and Adonis
G.B.Shaw ----- Novels and Writings
A.Shaw ------- Story of a Pioneer
Shelley ------ Daemon of the World
Shepherd ----- The Hispanic Nations
Sheridan ----- Memoirs
R.Sheridan --- The School For Scandal
Sherman ------ Memoirs
Sherwood ----- Bobbie Bubbles
Shiel -------- The Lord of the Sea
Shute -------- Real Diary of a Real Boy
Sidney ------- Five Little Peppers
Sienkiewicz -- Quo Vadis
Simms -------- Life of Francis Marion
Simonds ------ Starr King in California
Sims --------- Rogues and Vagabonds
Sinclair ----- The Jungle
M. Sinclair -- Harriett Frean
Skelton ------ The Canadian Dominion
Ch.Skinner --- Myths and Legends
C.L.Skinner -- Pioneers of the Old Southwest
Sleeper ------ Jack in the Forecastle
Smedley ------ Frank Fairlegh
Smiles ------- Jasmin: Barber, Poet
Smith & Watson American Curiosities
A. Smith ----- Wealth of Nations
F.H. Smith --- Novels
L.P. Smith --- Trivia
F.B. Smith --- The Old Market-Cart
Smollett ----- Fathom and Greaves
Sologub ------ The Created Legend
Sophocles ---- The Oedipus Trilogy
Southey ------ Horatio Lord Nelson
Southwick ---- Expressive Voice Culture
Souvestre ---- "Attic" Philosopher
Sousa -------- Experiences of a Bandmaster
Sparks ------- Life of Benedict Arnold
Speke -------- The Source of the Nile
Spyri -------- What Sami Sings
Stanley ------ How I Found Livingstone
Stead -------- Dennison Grant
Steele ------- Golf Course Mystery
R.Steele ----- Isaac Bickerstaff
Steinmetz ---- The Gaming Table
Stephens ----- Lecture on Heads
J.Stephens --- Irish Fairy Tales
R.N.Stephens - Irish Fairy Tales
Stephenson --- Lincoln
R.Stevenson -- The Ebb-Tide
Sterne ------- Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy
C.Stewart ---- Uncle Josh's Punkin Centre
D.Stewart ---- Parody Outline of History
Stockton ----- My Terminal Moraine
Stoddard ----- The Indian's Hand
E.Stoddard --- Lemorne Versus Huell
C.Stoddard --- A Bit of Old China
Stowe -------- Uncle Tom's Cabin
Strachey ----- Queen Victoria
Streuvels ---- The Path of Life
Strickland --- Queens of England
Strindberg --- In Midsummer Days
Sturlason ---- Heimskringla
Sudermann ---- Dame Care
Sue ---------- The Wandering Jew
Suetonius ---- The 12 Caesars
Summerhayes -- Vanished Arizona
Swift -------- Bickerstaff-Partridge Papers
Swinburne ---- Songs Of Two Nations
Synge -------- Riders to the Sea

Tacitus ------ Tacitus on Germany
Tagore ------- Chitra
Taine -------- History of France
Talbot ------- Aeroplanes and Dirigibles of War
B.Taylor ----- Stories
T.Taylor ----- Our American Cousin
Thom.Taylor -- Arguments of Celsus
Tarkington --- Novels
Tennyson ----- The Princess
H. Tennyson -- Jack and The Bean-Stalk
Terry -------- The Russian Ballet
Thackeray ---- The Rose and the Ring
Thanet ------- Stories of a Western Town
Theuriet ----- Woodland Queen
Thoma -------- Moral
Thompson ----- The Age of Invention
S.Thompson --- Biography of a Grizzly
D.Thompson --- The Rangers
Thomson ------ City of Dreadful Night
F. Thomson --- New Poems
Thoreau ------ Walden, and Civil Disobedience
Thucydides --- New Poems
Thurston ----- The Masquerader
Titmarsh ----- Doctor Birch and Friends
Traill ------- Canadian Crusoes
Train -------- Courts and Criminals
Todd --------- Hiram The Young Farmer
Tolstoy ------ Father Sergius et al.
Tolstoy(f) --- Reminiscences by his Son
Toqueville --- Democracy In America, Vol. 1+2
Towle -------- The Nation in a Nutshell
Trollope ----- Hunting Sketches
Trowbridge --- Stole A Meeting-House
Turgenev ----- The Rendezvous
Twain -------- Entire Available Works
Tyndall ------ Faraday As A Discoverer

Various ------ Works of Various Authors
Veblen ------- Theory of the Leisure Class
Verga -------- The-Medlar-Tree
Virgil ------- The Aeniad
Verlaine ----- Poems
Verne -------- Off on a Comet
Vigny -------- Cinq Mars
Vivian ------- History of Aeronautics
Volney ------- The Ruins
Voltaire ----- Philosophical Dictionary
Voynich ------ The Gadfly
Vyasa -------- The Mahabharata

Wake --------- Forbidden Gospels
Walcott ------ Blindfolded
Wallace ------ Russia
A.R.Wallace -- The Malay Archipelago
E.Wallace ---- Clue of the Twisted Candle
W.R.Wallace -- The Liberty Bell
Walpole ------ Jeremy
Walton ------- The Complete Angler, 1653
G.L.Walton --- Why Worry?
Ward --------- Robert Elsmere
A.Ward ------- Robert Elsmere
Warner ------- Essays and Novels
Washburn ----- Is The Bible Worth Reading
B.Washington - Up From Slavery
Water -------- Cook's Decameron
Waterlow ----- Shelley
Watkins ------ The Old Log Cabin
Watterson ---- Marse Henry
Webb --------- Vigilance Committee
Webster ------ Dear Enemy
J.Webster ---- The Duchess of Malfi
C.Wells ------ The Gold Bag
H.G.Wells ---- Novels
Wemyss ------- The Professional Aunt
Westbrook ---- The Eliminator
Wetmore ------ Buffalo Bill
Weston ------- The Romance of Morien
Weyman ------- A Gentleman of France
Wharton ------ Novels
Wheeler ------ Dictionary Freethought
Whibley ------ A Book of Scoundrels
White -------- The Blazed Trail
A.D.White ---- Fiat Money Inflation in France
A.D.White ---- Warfare of Science with Theology
E.L.White ---- The Unwilling Vestal
A.R.White ---- The Blue and The Gray
Whitehead ---- New House That Jack Built
Whitman ------ Leaves of Grass
Whitney ------ Mother Goose for Grown Folks
Whittier ----- Collected Works
Widger ------- Quotations
Wiggin ------- Village Watch-Tower
Wilkins ------ Child-Verses
Wister ------- Philosophy 4
Wilde -------- Ballad of Reading Gaol
Wildenbruch -- Good Blood
Williams ----- A History of Science
A. Williams -- Folk-Song and Popular Poetry
Wilson ------- Merton of the Movies
Wilson ------- The Code of Honor
R.R. Wilson -- Lincoln in Caricature
Wittgenstein - Logico-Philosophicus
Wodehouse ---- Indiscretions of Archie
Wollstonecraft Maria
Wood --------- East Lynne
E. Wood ------ Back Home
W. Wood ------ A Chronicle of Wolf
Woodbury ----- The Potato Child and Others
Woods -------- Toots and his Friends
Wolf --------- Other Things Being Equal
Woolf -------- The Voyage Out
Wright ------- Brian Kent
T.Wright ----- Life of Sir Richard Burton
Wrong -------- Washington and his Comrades

Xenophon ----- Works of Xenophon

Yeats -------- The Countess Cathleen
Yonge -------- Two Penniless Princesses
Young -------- Christopher Columbus

Zitkala-Sa --- Old Indian Legends
Zschokke ----- The Broken Cup
Zola --------- Trilogy and Others

[Some images below will enlarge to full size on a click.]

David Widger  (1932-    )

Quotations, Portraits and Illustrations:

widger3 (13K)          

Jacques Casanova

Lord Chesterfield

Dumas Celebrated Crimes    

Georg Ebers

Confessions of Lorrequer

Jean de La Fontaine

John Galsworthy

Oliver Wendell Holmes

William Dean Howells

Abraham Lincoln's Writings  

Immortals of The French Academy  

Michel de Montaigne

George Meredith

John Lothrop Motley

Gilbert Parker

Diary of Samuel Pepys

Confessions of J. J. Rousseau

Mark Twain

Guy de Maupassant

Charles Dudley Warner

Christopher Columbus

Historic Court Memoirs

Madame Campan   
Goldsmith: Court of St. Cloud     
Hausett: Louis XV. & XVI.   
Madame de Montespan   
Duchesse d'Orleans: Louis XIV.     
Cardinal De Retz   
Saint-Simon: Louis XIV.   
Marguerite De Valois   

Hamilton: Grammont   

List of Authors

Alexandre Dumas, Pere (1802-1870)

All Six Volumes of the D'Artagnan Series are Linked and Include Download Instruction for Offline Use

The Three Musketeers
Twenty Years After
The Vicomte de Bragelonne (ch. 1-75)
Ten Years Later (ch. 76-140)
Louise de la Valliere (ch. 141-208)
The Man in the Iron Mask (ch. 209-269)  
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Black Tulip

Ten Years Later (ch. 1-104)

The Companions of Jehu

dumas_thumb (8K)     1. The Borgias
2. The Cenci
3. Massacres of the South   
4. Mary Stuart
5. Karl Ludwig Sand
6. Urbain Grandier
7. Nisida
8. Derues
9. La Constantin
10. Joan of Naples
11. Man in the Iron Mask
12. Martin Guerre
13. Ali Pacha
14. Countess St. Geran
15. Murat
16. Marquise Brinvillier
17. Vanika
18. Marquise de Ganges

Captain Paul

The Sicilian Bandit

Chicot the Jester

List of Authors

John Galsworthy (1867-1933)


The Forsyte Saga:
1. The Man of Property
2. Indian Summer of a Forsyte  
3. Awakening & To Let

Villa Rubein
Saint's Progress
Five Tales
The Island Pharisees
The Country House
The Patrician
The Burning Spear
The Dark Flower
The Freelands

galsworthy_thumb (13K)    


THE FIRST SERIES: The Silver Box Joy Strife
THE SECOND SERIES:   The Eldest Son The Little Dream    Justice
THE THIRD SERIES: The Fugitive The Pigeon The Mob
THE FOURTH SERIES: A Bit O'Love The Foundations The Skin Game
THE FIFTH SERIES: A Family Man Loyalties Windows
SIX SHORT PLAYS: The First and Last    The Little Man Four Short Plays

List of Authors

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (1809-1894)

Quotes and Images
holmes_thumb (11K)     The Professor at the Breakfast Table

The Poet at the Breakfast Table

Over the Teacups

Elsie Venner

The Guardian Angel

A Mortal Antipathy

Pages from and Old Volume of Life

Medical Essays

Memoir of John Lothrop Motley

The Wonderful "One-Hoss-Shay"

List of Authors

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

Quotes and Images

lincoln_thumb (13K)     Volume. 1   

Volume 2.

Volume 3.

Volume 4.

Volume 5.

Volume 6.

Volume 7.

Lincoln's Yarns and Stories
Lincoln's Best Anecdotes (DP)
Lincoln Letters (with facsimiles)

Abraham Lincoln, Vol. 1, By William H. Herndon
Abraham Lincoln, Vol. 2, By William H. Herndon

The Life Of Abraham Lincoln, By Ward H. Lamon
Lincoln in Caricature, By Rufus Rockwell Wilson
Lincolniana, By Andrew Adderup

List of Authors

Guy de Maupassant (1839-1908)

Complete PG Edition of The Maupassant Short Stories

maupassant (20K)     Volume 1.

Volume 2.

Volume 3.

Volume 4.

Volume 5.

Volume 6.

Volume 7.

Volume 8.

Volume 9.

Volume 10.

Volume 11.

Volume 12.

Volume 13.

Other Novels:

Pierre and Jean    Strong as Death    Comedy of Marriage and Others

List of Authors

Civil War Generals

Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885)

Grant's Birthplace   Portrait   Other Commanders
The Memoirs of U. S. Grant

William Tecumseh Sherman (1820-1891)
Portrait Battle of Vicksburg
The Memoirs of W. Sherman

Phillip H. Sheridan (1831-1888)
Portrait as 2nd Lt.   Portrait as Lt.-General
The Memoirs of P. Sheridan

John Alexander Logan (1826-1886)
Logan's Great Conspiracy

List of Authors

Mark Twain (1835-1910)

Photograph   Photos and Quotes   In Bed

Illustrated Editions:

The American Claimant

A Dog's Tale

Eve's Diary

The Innocents Abroad

A Tramp Abroad

A Gilded Age

Following The Equator

Sketches New and Old

Huckleberry Finn

AdventuresTom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer Abroad

Tom Sawyer, Detective

Roughing It

The $30,000 Bequese

Joan of Arc, Vol. I

Joan of Arc, Vol. II

Prince and Pauper

Connecticut Yankee

Life on the Mississippi

twain1 (16K)

twain2 (16K)    

Ebooks Without Illustrations:

Mysterious Stranger Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson

The Double Barrelled Detective

The Stolen White Elephant

Rambling Idle Excursion

Carnival of Crime in CT.

The Loves of Alonzo Fitz

Those Extraordinary Twins

A Burlesque Autobiography

Mysterious Stranger

Christian Science

Mark Twain's Speeches


Curious Republic of Gondour

Goldsmith's Friend Abroad Again

Essays on Paul Bourget

How to Tell a Story

Fennimore Cooper Offences

Defence of Harriet Shelley

Hadleyberg Stories et al.

What Is Man? And Others

The Treaty with China

Mark Twain's Letters:     V 1.     V 2.     V 3     V 4.     V 5.     V 6.

Twain's Works in the Public Domain in Australia but not in the USA:

Mark Twain's Autobiography:   Volume One     Volume Two

Newspaper Articles by Mark Twain—1862-1881

Albert Bigelow Paine (1861-1937)    Complete Biography of Mark Twain (3.15 mb)

Archibald Henderson (1877-1963)  
Mark Twain (Illustrated)     

List of Authors

Charles Dudley Warner (1829-1900)

In a Garden & Calvin  

Backlog Studies



In the Wilderness

Spring in New England

Captain John Smith


Being a Boy

On Horseback

Washington Irving

Their Pilgrimage

Little Journey in the World

The Golden House

That Fortune

My Winter on the Nile

Studies in The South, and West, and Canada

In The Levant

warner_thumb (19K)    

List of Authors

John McElroy (1846-1929)

Prison Camp   Stripping the Dead   Dying Prisoner

Andersonville  (Complete)   A STORY OF REBEL MILITARY PRISONS
[15 Months a Guest of the So-called Southern Confederacy]

Book 1.        Book 2.        Book 3.        Book 4.        Book 5.        Book 6.

Other Works:

The Economic Functions of Vice    
The Red Acorn
Uncle Daniel's Story
The Struggle for Missouri

List of Authors

Earl of Chesterfield (1694-1773)

Letters to His Son, Complete


chesterfield (11K)

List of Authors

William Dean Howells (1837-1920)

Quotes and Images


Literature and Life  

Literary Friends

Stories Of Ohio

Roman Holidays and Others   

Familiar Spanish Travels   

Quaint Courtships   

Questionable Shapes   

Seven English Cities   

Annie Kilburn   

Southern Lights and Shadows  

Venetian Life  

Suburban Sketches  

A Foregone Conclusion  

The Lady of the Aroostook  

The Minister's Charge  

A Modern Instance  

The Leatherwood God  

London Films  

Modern Italian Poets  

Through the Eye of the Needle  

A Traveler from Altruria  

howells_thumb (12K)    


The March Family Trilogy

The Landlord at Lions Head
Dr. Breen's Practice
Fennel and Rue
The Kentons
Ragged Lady
April Hopes
The Whole Family
The Albany Depot

List of Authors

Eugene Sue (1804-1857)

The Escape   Poisoned Brush

The Wandering Jew         

The Knight of Malta

List of Authors

An English Lady's Residence in France

The Entire Gutenberg Edition of Residence in France

List of Authors

Napoleon: Memoirs

Bourrienne: (1769-1834)    Memoirs of Napoleon
Quotes and Images

Illustrated Edition

Constant (Louis Constant Wairy) (1778-1845)
Private Life of Napoleon
Quotes and Images

Illustrated Edition

Memoirs of The Court of St. Cloud
Quotes and Images

Illustrated Edition
napoleon_thumb (18K)    

List of Authors

Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592)
The Entire PG Edition of Montaigne's Essays

Quotes and Images

montaigne_thumb (14K)     

List of Authors

Court Memoirs

Marguerite, Queen of Navarre (1552-1615  
Quotes and Images
Complete Illustrated Edition

Memoirs of Cardinal de Retz (1613-1679)  
Quotes and Images
Complete Illustrated Edition

Memoirs of Marquise de Montespan(1641-1707)     
Quotes and Images
Complete Illustrated Edition

Memoirs of The Duchesse d'Orleans(1652-1722)     
Quotes and Images
Complete Illustrated Edition

Memoirs of The Duc de Saint-Simon (1675-1755)   
Quotes and Images
Complete Illustrated Edition
Secret Memoirs of Louis XIV. & XV.   
Quotes and Images
Complete Illustrated Edition

Memoirs of The Court of Marie Antoinette   
Quotes and Images
Complete Illustrated Edition

The Court of St. Cloud, by Goldsmith   
Quotes and Images
Complete Illustrated Edition

The Memoirs of Count Grammont(1646-1720)   
Quotes and Images
(By Anthony Hamilton—Notes by Sir Walter Scott)
Complete Memoirs of Count Grammont

List of Authors

Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778)   —  Confessions

Quotes and Images

Illustrated Edition

rousseau_thumb (12K)    

List of Authors

The Immortals  —  Crowned by the French Academy

Ohnet, Georges: SERGE PANIN (1848-1918)   
Quotes and Images

France, Anatole: THE RED LILY (1844-1924)   
Quotes and Images

Droz, Gustave: M.M. AND BEBE (1832-1895)   
Quotes and Images

Claretie, Jules: PRINCE ZILAH (1840-1913)   
Quotes and Images

De Massa, Phillipe: ZIBELINE (1831-1911)   
Quotes and Images

Theuriet, Andre: WOODLAND QUEEN (1833-1907)   
Quotes and Images

De Musset, Alfred: CHILD OF THE CENTURY (1810-1857)   
Quotes and Images

Feuillet, Octave: MONSIEUR DE CAMORS (1821-1890)   
Quotes and Images

De Vigny, Alfred: CINQ MARS (1797-1863)   
Quotes and Images

Halevy, Ludovic: ABBE CONSTANTIN (1834-1908)   
Quotes and Images
Coppee, Francois: A ROMANCE OF YOUTH (1842-1908)   
Quotes and Images

Bourget, Paul: COSMOPOLIS (1852-1935)   
Quotes and Images

Bentzon, Theo. (Mme. Blanc): JACQUELINE (1840-1907)   
Quotes and Images

Bazin, Rene: THE INK STAIN (1853-1932)   
Quotes and Images

Daudet, Alphonse: FROMONT AND RISLER (1840-1897)   
Quotes and Images

De Bernard, Charles: GERFAUT (1804-1850)   
Quotes and Images

Malot, Hector-Henri :CONSCIENCE (1830-1907)   
Quotes and Images

Loti, Pierre: MME. CRYSANTHEME (1850-1923)   
Quotes and Images

Souvestre, Emile: AN "ATTIC" PHILOSOPHER (1806-1854)   
Quotes and Images

List of Authors

Winston Churchill (1871-1947)
   (The American Author who is no relation of the British Sir Winston)

The Dwelling Place of Light      

Mr. Crewe's Career

A Far Country


The Inside of The Cup

Richard Carvel

A Modern Chronicle

The Celebrity

The Crisis

The Crossing

Dr. Jonathan (Play)

A Traveller in Wartime

Essay on The American Contribution

List of Authors

Azel Ames (1845-1908)        The Mayflower and Her Log

Quotes and Images

maythumb (53K)
The Complete Illustrated Edition
of The Mayflower And Her Log

List of Authors

Filson Young: (1876-1938)     Christopher Columbus

Quotes and Images

Illustrated Edition
    columbus_thumb (19K)

List of Authors

Samuel Pepys (1633-1703)    Unabridged Diary

Quotes and Images

pepys_thumb (19K)

The Complete Diary of Samuel Pepys

List of Authors

George Meredith (1828-1909)

Quotes and Images

Ordeal of Richard Feverel    

Sandra Belloni

Rhoda Fleming

Evan Harrington


Harry Richmond

Beauchamps Career

The Tragic Comedians

Diana of The Crossways

One of Our Conquerors

Lord Ormont and His Aminta

The Amazing Marriage

Celt and Saxon

Shaving of Shagpat

meredith (13K)

The Entire Short Works of George Meredith:
     Farina; General Opel; Tale of Chloe; House on The Beach;
     Gentleman of Fifty; The Sentimentalists; Miscellaneous Prose

List of Authors

John Lothrop Motley (1814-1877)

Quotes and Images

motley (13K)
Rise of the Dutch Republic I. (1555-66)    
Rise of the Dutch Republic II. (1566-74)    
Rise of the Dutch Republic III. (1574-84)    

History of the United Netherlands I. (1584-86)   
History of the United Netherlands II. (1586-89)   
History of the United Netherlands III. (1590-99)   
History of the United Netherlands IV. (1600-09)    

Life and Death of John of Barneveld I. (1609-15)    
Life and Death of John of Barneveld II. (1614-23)    

Memoir by Oliver Wendell Holmes

List of Authors

Georg Ebers  (1837-1898) —  Historical Novels   

Quotes and Images


Egyptian Princess      

The Sisters



The Emperor

Homo Sum



ebers_thumb (17K)    

Bride of the Nile

A Thorny Path

In Fire of the Forge


Barbara Blomberg

A Word, Only a Word

The Burgomaster's Wife

Complete Short Works

The Story of My Life

List of Authors

Benjamin Disraeli  (1804-1881) —  Novels   



The Infernal Marriage


Hennrietta Temple




disraeli_th (21K)

The Young Duke

Ixion in Heaven

The Voyage of Captain Popanilla   


Count Alarcos

The Rise of Iskander


Vivian Grey

List of Authors

Gilbert Parker (1860-1932)     

Quotes and Images

Pierre and His People

Romany of the Snows

Northern Lights

Mrs. Falchion

Cumner &South Sea Folk

When Valmond Came to Pontiac     

The Trail of the Sword

The Translation of a Savage

The Pomp of the Lavilettes

The Trespasser

The Seats of The Mighty

Battle of the Strong

The Lane That Had No Turning

The Right of Way

Michel and Angele

parker_thumb (21K)    

Donovan Pasha

The Weavers

Embers (Poetry)

A Lover's Diary (Poetry)

The Money Master

The World For Sale

You Never Know Your Luck

Wild Youth

No Defense

Carnac's Folly

At the Sign of the Eagle

The March of the White Guard

Parables of a Province

There is Sorrow on The Sea

John Enderby

List of Authors

Edward Bulwer-Lytton (1803-1873)        

Athens: Its Rise and Fall       

The Caxtons


Eugene Aram




Ernest Maltrevers

Kenelm Chillingly

What Will He Do With It



A Strange Story

The Last Days of Pompeii

The Coming Race

lytton (29K)  

  My Novel

  The Last Of The Barons

  Paul Clifford


  The Parisians



  Pilgrims Of The Rhine

  Night and Morning






  The Lady of Lyons

List of Authors

Suetonius (75-160)    The Twelve Caesars

Entire Suetonius—The Twelve Caesars

List of Authors

Charles M. Skinner   (1852-1907)

The Entire Myths and Legends of Our Own Land

List of Authors

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832)
—The Waverly Novels

Sea Coast
sportrait_thumb (30K)   The Heart of Midlothian
The Antiquary
Old Mortality
Rob Roy
Bride of Lammermoor
The Black Dwarf
The Legend of Montrose
Guy Mannering
My Aunt Margaret's Mirror
Tapestried Chamber
The Lady of the Lake
Peveril of the Peak
Quentin Durward
The Fair Maid of Perth
The Talisman
Chronicles of the Canongate
The Abbot
The Monastery
The Fortunes of Nigel
The Surgeon's Daughter

List of Authors

Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805)

HISTORY:        Thirty Years War       Revolt of Netherlands      


The Robbers Fiesco Love and Intrigue
The Camp of Wallenstein     Piccolomini     The Death of Wallenstein
Whilhelm Tell     Don Carlos     Demetrius
Mary Stuart     The Maid of Orleans     The Bride of Messina

POEMS:                    First Period     Second Period     Third Period     Supressed Poems

PHILOSOPHY:        Aesthetical Essays     Philosophical Letters    

NOVEL:                    The Ghost Seer [or, The Apparitionist]    and The Sport of Destiny

List of Authors

Tobias Smollett (1721-1771)

tobias (79K) The Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom   
The Adventures of Sir Launcelot Greaves
The Adventures of Roderick Random

The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle, Volume I

The Expedition of Humphry Clinker

History of England

List of Authors

Charles James Lever (1806-1872)

Introduction to Lorrequer

    lorrequer (39K)

Charles O'Malley: Irish Dragoon     
Illustrated by Phiz.    Vol 1.    Vol 2.

Tom Burke of "Ours"
Illustrated by Phiz.    Vol 1.   Vol 2.

Diary of Horace Templeton"
Illustrated by Phiz.    Vol 1.   Vol 2.

Illustrated by Phiz.    Vol 1.   Vol 2.

Sir Brook Fossbrooke
Illustrated by Phiz.    Vol 1.   Vol 2.

The Daltons
Illustrated by Phiz.    Vol 1.   Vol 2.

Davenport Dunn
Illustrated by Phiz.    Vol 1.   Vol 2.

Roland Cashel
Illustrated by Phiz.    Vol 1.   Vol 2.

Martin of Cro' Martin
Illustrated by Phiz.    Vol 1.   Vol 2.

The Knight of Gwynne
Illustrated by Phiz.    Vol 1.   Vol 2.

Single Volumes:

Arthur O'Leary

Lord Kilgobbin

Rent in the Cloud      

St. Patrick's Eve

Jack Hinton

Tale of the Trains

Luttrell of Arran

Gerald Fitzgerald

Cornelius O'Dowd    

Con Cregan

The O'Donoghue

Jasper Carew

One of Them

Maurice Tiernay

The Bramleighs

Boy of Norcutt's

A Day's Ride

Nuts and Nutcrackers

Tony Butler

Fortunes of Glencore

Gosslett's Confessions

Charles Lever, His Life in his Letters
By Edmond Downey.

Vol 1.   Vol 2.

List of Authors

Bernard Blackmantle (1788-1868)

With 72 Color Plates
by Robert Cruikshank

The English Spy

spy_th (77K)

List of Authors

Frank E. Smedley (circa 1825)

With 28 Color Plates by Robert Cruikshank

Frank Fairlegh, Scenes from the Life of a Private Pupil

List of Authors

Pierce Egan (circa 1821)

Real Life in London
With Many Color Plates by Aiken and Rowlinson

The Flower Of The Flock, Volume I   
The Flower Of The Flock, Volume II
The Flower Of The Flock, Volume III

List of Authors

Robert Seymour (1800-1836)   Sketches

Fishing Lesson   Vy Sarah You're Drunk

Complete Illustrated Edition

List of Authors

American Historical Curiosities Collected by John Jay Smith and John F. Watson

1639   1693   1765   1776

Illustrated Editions

First Series (23 mb)

Second Series (22 mb)

List of Authors

The GUSTAVE DORE (1832-1883)  Illustrated Collection

Cervantes (1547-1616) —  "Don Quixote"
With Illustrations by Gustave Dore

Illustrated Edition
   Each of the individual volumes average about 2 mb. The two "Complete" volumes have scalable images.

Don Quixote, Volume I., Complete (28.5 mb)

Woodcut Steel Engraving
1.—Ch 1-3   
2.—Ch 4-5
3.—Ch 6-8
4.—Ch 9-13
5.—Ch 14-15
6.—Ch 16-17         
7.—Ch 18-22   
8.—Ch 23
9.—Ch 24-27
10.—Ch 28
11.—Ch 29
12.—Ch 30-32        
13.—Ch 33-40
14.—Ch 41
15.—Ch 42-46
16.—Ch 47-49
17.—Ch 50
18.—Ch 51-52

Don Quixote, Part II., Complete (34.7 mb)

Woodcut Steel Engraving
19.—Ch 1-5   
20.—Ch 6-10
21.—Ch 11-14
22.—Ch 15-18
23.—Ch 19-20
24.—Ch 21
25.—Ch 22
26.—Ch 23-25        
27.—Ch 26-28   
28.—Ch 29-31
29.—Ch 32-35
30.—Ch 36-43
31.—Ch 44-45
32.—Ch 46-48
33.—Ch 49-53
34.—Ch 54-57        
35.—Ch 58-59
36.—Ch 60
37.—Ch 61
38.—Ch 62
39.—Ch 63-66
40.—Ch 67-70
41.—Ch 71-72
42.—Ch 73-74

The Dore Bible Gallery    With Illustrations by Gustave Dore

Illustrated Edition

The Flood
Volume 1.         Volume 2.         Volume 3.         Volume 4.         Volume 5.        
Volume 6. Volume 7. Volume 8. Volume 9. Complete. (20 mb)

Dante (1265-1321)  —     The Divine Comedy, with Illustrations by Gustave Dore



Complete Edition      V 1.        V 2.        V 3.



Complete Edition      V 1.        V 2.        V 3.        V 4.         V 5.       



Complete Edition      V 1.        V 2.        V 3.        V 4.         V 5.       
V 6.        V 7.        V 8.        V 9.         V 10.       

Francois Rabelais (1483-1553)

Gargantua and Pantagruel  —    With Illustrations by Gustave Dore

rabelais (66K) Complete Illustrated Edition
V 1.

V 2.

V 3.

V 4.

V 5.

List of Authors

Two Hundred Sketches of Dore   —  Humorous and Grotesque

Complete Illustrated Edition

List of Authors

Gustave Dore - Illustrated Volumes

River Legends — by E. H. Knatchbull-Hugessen

Stories of the Days of King Arthur — by Charles Henry Hanson

Atala — by François Auguste de Chateaubriand

The Days of Chivalry — by Ernest Louis Victor Jules L'Epine

A Tour Through The Pyrenees — by Hippolyte Adolphe Taine

Myths of the Rhine — by X. B. Saintine

Jaufry the Knight and the Fair Brunissende — by Mary Lafon

Fairy Realm — by Tom Hood

List of Authors

George Cruikshank - Illustrated Volumes

The Bachelor's Own Book — by George Cruikshank

The Centenary Garland — by Anonymous

Four Hundred Humorous Illustrations, Vol 1 (of 2) — by George Cruikshank

Four Hundred Humorous Illustrations, Vol 2 (of 2) — by George Cruikshank

Points of Humour, Part I (of II) — by Anonymous

Points of Humour, Part I (of II) — by Anonymous

Pamphlets and Parodies on Political Subjects — by William Hone

Jack Sheppard, Vol. I (of III) — by WW. Harrison Ainsworth

Jack Sheppard, Vol. II (of III) — by WW. Harrison Ainsworth

Jack Sheppard, Vol. III (of III) — by WW. Harrison Ainsworth

Three Courses and a Dessert — by Anonymous

Tales Of Humour, Gallantry and Romance — by Anonymous

Odd Volume, or Book Of Variety — by Seymour and Cruikshank

New Readings Of Old Authors — by Seymour and Cruikshank

The Life Of George Cruikshank, Vol. I. (of II) — by Blanchard Jerrold

The Life Of George Cruikshank, Vol. II. (of II) — by Blanchard Jerrold

My Sketch Book — by George Cruikshank

The Life Of Sir John Falstaff — by Robert B. Brough

Cruikshank's Water Colours — by George Cruikshank

List of Authors

John Leech - Illustrated Volumes

John Leech's Pictures Of Life And Character, Volume I (of III) — by John Leech

John Leech's Pictures Of Life And Character, Volume II (of III) — by John Leech

John Leech's Pictures Of Life And Character, Volume III (of III) — by John Leech

The Book Of Ballads, Bon Gaultier (editor) 1870 — by John Leech

Benjamin Disraeli, The Earl Of Beaconsfield, Cartoons From "Punch" — by John Leech

Four Hundred Humorous Illustrations, With Portrait and Biographical Sketch — by John Leech

The Comic English Grammar, by Percival Leigh — by John Leech

A Little Tour In Ireland, by S. Reynolds Hole — by John Leech

Portraits of Children of The Mobility, by Percival Leigh — by John Leech

Ask Momma, or The Richest Commoner In England, by R. S. Surtees — by John Leech

The Comic History Of England, by Gilbert Abbott A'Beckett — by John Leech

Colin Clink, Volume I (of III) — by Charles Hooton and John Leech

Colin Clink, Volume II (of III) — by Charles Hooton and John Leech

Colin Clink, Volume III (of III) — by Charles Hooton and John Leech

Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures — by Anonymous and John Leech

List of Authors

The Project Gutenberg Bibles

King James Bible

King James Bible(in an alternate format)

Douay-Rheims Version

The World English Bible (WEB)

The Book Of Mormon

List of Authors

Archbishop William Wake (1657-1737)
—The Forbidden Gospels

Complete Edition With Page Images

List of Authors

Emile Zola (1840-1902)

The Three Cities Trilogy, Complete: Lourdes, Rome and Paris





A Zola Dictionary

Fête At Coqueville

His Masterpiece

The Downfall

The Flood
zola (6K)   The Fortune of the Rougons  

  The Fat and the Thin

  Therese Raquin


  The Dream

  Nana and Others

  Doctor Pascal

  Abbe Mouret's Transgression

  Piping Hot!

  The Ladies' Paradise

List of Authors

Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864)    Works Not Previously Published by PG

hawthorne (30K) TWICE TOLD TALES:

Sunday at Home
Little Annie's Ramble
A Rill From The Town Pump     
The Prophetic Pictures
Sights From a Steeple
The Toll Gatherers Day
The Vision of the Fountain
Fancy's Showbox
The Haunted Mind
The Village Uncle
The Sister Years
Snow Flakes
The Seven Vagabonds     
The White Old Maid
Chippings with a Chisel
Night Sketches
The Lilly's Quest
Footprints on the Seashore
Edward Fane's Rosebud
The Three Fold Destiny
Doctor Grimshawe's Secret


The Old Manse
A Select Party
Fire Worship
Buds and Bird Voices               
Monsieur du Miroir
The Hall of Fantasy
New Adam and Eve
Christmas Banquet
The Intelligence Office      
P's Correspondence
Earth's Holocaust
Passages from a Relinquished Work
Sketches from Memory
The Old Apple Dealer
A Virtuoso's Collection


Main Street
A Bell's Biography                   
Sylph Etherege
Old News
The Man of Adamant
Inglefield's Thanksgiving    
Old Ticonderoga
The Wives of the Dead
Little Daffydowndilly


Sketches From Memory
Journal Of A Solitary Man        
Other Tales and Sketches
Dr Buillivant
A Book of Autographs
An Old Woman's Tale       
Time's Portraiture
Browne's Folly


The Gorgon's Head                
Paradise for Children
Three Gold Apples             

The Miraculous Pitcher

FANSHAWE AND OTHER PIECES:     Biographical Sketches

Biographical Stories

ENGLISH NOTEBOOKS:      Volume I.       Volume II.

FRENCH NOTEBOOKS:       Volume I.       Volume II.

AMERICAN NOTEBOOKS:  Volume I.       Volume II.

OUR OLD HOME:       Complete



The Great Stone Face   
Tanglewood Tales
Grandfather's Chair
The Marble Faun, Vol. I.
The Marble Faun, Vol. II.

The Life and Genius of Nathaniel Hawthorne, by Frank Preston Stearns

List of Authors

John Greenleaf Whittier (1807-1892)    His Complete Collected Works

whittier_small (28K)   NARRATIVE POEMS







  The Boy Captives
  Yankee Gypsies

List of Authors

Jean de La Fontaine (1621-1695)
The Tales and Novels(Poetry)

The Illustrated Edition of The Tales and Novels of La Fontaine

Fontaine Sampler

fontaine_thumb (34K)    

List of Authors

Marietta Holley (1836-1926)   —   Josiah Allen's Wife

Illustrated Editions:

Samantha Among the Brethren

Sweet Cicely

List of Authors

Jennie Hall (1875-1921)   —  Buried Cities

Illustrated Editions:

Complete Edition

Vol. 1.        Vol. 2.        Vol. 3.       

List of Authors

W.W. Jacobs (1863-1943)

Ships Company    

Sailor's Knots

At Sunwich Port

Captains All

Deep Waters

More Cargoes

Dialstone Lane

Lady of The Barge

Night Watches

Odd Craft

The Skipper's Wooing   

Many Cargoes   

Short Cruises

Light Freights

A Master Of Craft


Sea Urchins

List of Authors

Guizot, Francois Pierre Guillaume (1787-1874)
—— Over 400 Steel Engravings and Woodcuts  

Illustrated by A. De Neuville — Translated by Robert Black
— Each file approximately 7mb

louis14_thumb (13K) Antiquity to 1100

1100 to 1380

1380 to 1515

1515 to 1589

1589 to 1715

1715 to 1789

List of Authors

David Hume  (1711-1776))
—— Over 150 Large Steel Engravings  
A History of England From Early Times
With Continuations by Tobias Smollett, E. Farr and E. H. Nolan

england_th (23K) Volume I., Part A.  From Early Times to King John

Volume I., Part B.  From Henry III. to Richard III.

Volume I., Part C.  From Henry VII. to Mary

Volume I., Part D.  From Elizabeth to James I.

Volume I., Part E.  From Charles I. to Cromwell

Volume I., Part F.  From Charles II. to James II.

Volume II.  From William and Mary to George II.

Volume III.  From George III. to Victoria

An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals

A Treatise of Human Nature

List of Authors

Jacques Casanova (de Seingalt) (1725-1798)

Quotes and Images

Illustrated Individual Volumes     Vol. 1.     Vol. 2.     Vol. 3     Vol. 4.     Vol. 5.     Vol. 6.

Illustrated Edition, Complete 

Vol. 1.
1. Childhood
2. A Cleric in Naples
3. Military Career
4. Return to Venice
5. Milan and Mantua

Vol. 2.
6. Paris
7. Venice
8. Convent Affairs
9. False Nun
10. Under the Leads

Vol. 3
11. Paris and Holland
12. Return to Paris
13. Holland and Germany
14. Switzerland
15. With Voltaire
casanova_thumb (45K)     Vol. 4.
16. Depart Switzerland
17. Return to Italy
18. To Naples
19. Again to Paris
20. Milan

Vol. 5.
21. South of France
22. To London
23. The English
24. London to Berlin
25. Russia and Poland

Vol. 6.
26. Spain
27. Expelled from Spain
28. Rome
29. Florence to Trieste
30. Old Age and Death

List of Authors

Petronius Arbiter (20-66)  —The Satyricon

The Embarcation

petronius_thumb (13K)    

The Satyricon:    Complete Illustrated Edition

V 1.        V 2.        V 3.        V 4.         V 5.        V 6.        V 7.        

List of Authors

Antoine de la Sale (1398-?)  — Les Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles

nouvelles (69K)

List of Authors

Gordon Home (1878-1969)    (Author and Painter)

cottage (45K)     Illustrated Editions



Yorkshire—Coast and Moorlands

England of My Heart—Spring

List of Authors

Ian Maclaren (1850-1907)    Illustrated by Frederick Gordon

Dr. MacLure

A Doctor of the Old School, Complete      V 1.     V 2.     V 3.     V 4.     V 5

The Days of Auld Lang Syne
His Majesty Baby and Some Common People

List of Authors

Desiderius Erasmus (1469-1536)

erasmus_th (41K)   A Mery Dialogue

  Two Dyaloges

  In Praise of Folly

List of Authors

George T. Ferris      (1840- ) Music History       

music_th (31K) Great German Composers

Great Italian and French Composers

Great Violinists and Pianists

Great Singers, Series One

Great Singers, Series Two

List of Authors

American Eloquence   
Edited by Alexander Johnston and James Albert Woodburn

Studies In American Political History (1896)

With Engravings

Volume I.
James Otis,  Patrick Henry,  Samuel Adams,  Alexander Hamilton,  James Madison,  Albert Gallatin,  Fisher Ames,  John Nicholas,  Thomas Jefferson,  John Randolph,  Josiah Quincy,  Henry Clay,  Robert Y. Hayne,  Daniel Webster,  John C. Calhoun,  Thomas H. Benton

Volume II.
Rufus King,  William Pinkney,  Wendell Phillips,  John Quincy Adams,  John C. Calhoun,  Daniel Webster,  Henry Clay,  Wendell Phillips,  Charles Sumner

Volume III.
Salmon Portland Chase,  Edward Everett,  Stephen Arnold Dougla, s Charles Sumner,  Preston S. Brooks,  Judah P. Benjamin,  Abraham Lincoln,  William H. Seward,  John Parker Hale,  Alfred Iverson,  Benjamin Wade,  John Jordon Crittenden,  Robert Toombs,  Samuel Sullivan Cox,  Jefferson Davis

Volume IV.
Abraham Lincoln,  Jefferson Davis,  Alexander Hamilton Stephens,  John C. Breckenridge  Edward D. Baker  Clement L. Vallandigham,  Henry Ward Beecher,  Henry Winter Davis,  George H. Pendleton,  Thaddeus Stevens,  Henry J. Raymond,  Thaddeus Stevens,  Henry Clay,  Frank H. Hurd,  Justin S. Morrill,  James G. Blaine,  John Sherman,  John P. Jones,  George William Curtis,  Carl Schurz

List of Authors

William Carleton (1794-1869)
Stories and Tales of The Irish

Willy Reilly
Fardorougha, The Miser
Black Baronet
The Evil Eye
Jane Sinclair
Lha Dhu
The Dead Boxer
Ellen Duncan
The Proctor's Daughter
Valentine M'Clutchy
The Tithe-Proctor
The Emigrants Of Ahadarra   
Ned M'Keown
The Three Tasks
Shane Fadh's Wedding
Larry M'Farland's Wake
The Battle Of The Factions
irish2 (26K)       The Station
The Party Fight And Funeral
The Lough Derg Pilgrim
The Hedge School
The Midnight Mass
The Donagh
Phil Purcel, The Pig-Driver
The Geography Of An Irish Oath
The Lianhan Shee
Going To Maynooth
The Poor Scholar
The Black Prophet
Phelim Otoole's Courtship
Wildgoose Lodge
Tubber Derg (The Red Well)
Neal Malone
Art Maguire (The Broken Pledge)

List of Authors

George Rawlinson  (1812-1902)

Illustrated Editions:

  —   The Seven Great Monarchies of the Ancient Asian World

cuneiform (39K) Chaldaea    






Sassanian Empire

  —   History of Phoenicia

List of Authors

Gaston Maspero  (1846-1916)   —   History Of Egypt, Chaldæa, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria

Illustrated Editions:

       egypt (50K)

      Volume I.    Volume II.    Volume III.    Volume IV.    Volume V.    Volume VI.    Volume VII.

      Volume VIII.     Volume IX.     Volume X.     Volume XI.     Volume XII.     Volume XIII.

List of Authors

John Marshall (1755-1835)
The Life of George Washington

washington (24K)     Illustrated Editions

Volume I.

Volume II.

Volume III.

Volume IV.

Volume V.

List of Authors

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)
Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson

 His Handwritten Draft of The Declaration of Independence:  Page 1  Page 2  Page 3  Page 4

jefferson (93K)    

Illustrated Editions

Volume I.

Volume II.

Volume III.

Volume IV.

List of Authors

The Heptameron of Margaret Queen of Navarre (1492-1549)
  —  Translated by George Saintsbury

Illustrated Edition

navarre (12K) Volume 1.

Volume 2.

Volume 3.

Volume 4.

Volume 5.

List of Authors

Honore de Balzac (1799-1850)

paris-th (3K) A Street of Paris
(With many Paintings)

The Human Comedy

One Hundred Balzac Books and Stories Listed in Alphabetical Order:
The Alkahest
The Collection of Antiquities
The Deputy of Arcis
The Atheist's Mass
The Ball at Sceaux
Cousin Betty
Rise and Fall of Cesar Birotteau
A Prince of Bohemia
The Lesser Bourgeoisie
Brotherhood of Consolation
A Man of Business
La Grande Breteche
Facino Cane
Colonel Chabert
The Chouans
Christ in Flanders
A Distinguished Provincial at Paris   
The Country Doctor
Domestic Peace
Massimilla Doni
Droll Stories
The Duchesse de Langeais   
The Elixir of Life
A Daughter of Eve
Eve and David   
The Exiles   
Father Goriot
The Illustrious Gaudissart
Gaudissart II
Girl with the Golden Eyes
Eugenie Grandet
La Grenadiere
The Hated Son
A Second Home
Louis Lambert
Letters of Two Brides
The Lily of the Valley
The Commission in Lunacy   
Madame Firmiani
The Magic Skin
Maitre Cornelius
Z. Marcas
The Marriage Contract
The Physiology of Marriage
The Hidden Masterpiece
Catherine de' Medici
An Historical Mystery
The Message
Melmoth Reconciled
Modeste Mignon
An Old Maid
The Muse of the Department
The Napoleon of the People
The Firm of Nucingen
Pamela Giraud
Parisians in the Country   
A Passion in the Desert   
Petty Troubles of Married Life
Pierre Grassou
Cousin Pons
The Purse
The Recruit
The Red Inn
A Drama on the Seashore
Scenes from a Courtesan's Life
Secrets of the Princesse de Cadignan
Albert Savarus
At the Sign of the Cat and Racket
Sons of the Soil
A Start in Life
A Street of Paris
A Woman of Thirty
Study of a Woman
An Episode Under the Terror   
The Thirteen   
The Two Brothers
Two Poets
Unconscious Comedians   
The Unknown Masterpiece   
El Verdugo
The Vicar of Tours
The Village Rector
Another Study of Woman
The Deserted Woman

List of Authors

Joseph Conrad (1857-1924)

           Nigger of the "Narcissus  
Tales of Hearsay
The Point of Honor
One Day More
Heart of Darkness   
Gaspar Ruiz
The Secret Sharer  
The Shadow Line
Amy Foster

End of the Tether
An Outcast of the Islands  
A Personal Record
Tales of Unrest
Some Reminiscences

The Rescue
A Set of Six
Under Western Eyes
Lord Jim

List of Authors

Anton Chekhov (1860-1904)

Schoolmistress and Others   
Swan Song
The Sea-Gull
Plays, 2nd Series
The Witch and Other Stories
The Wife and Other Stories
The Slanderer
Uncle Vanya
Letters of Anton Chekhov

List of Authors

Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910)

Father Sergius
Master and Man   
War and Peace
What Men Live By   
The Forged Coupon and Others
The Kreutzer Sonata and Others   
A Letter to a Hindu   
Anna Karenina   

List of Authors

Wilkie Collins (1824-1889)

The Moonstone
Man and Wife
No Name
After Dark
Law and the Lady
The New Magdalen
The Fallen Leaves   
Hide and Seek
The Black Robe
A Rogue's Life
A Fair Penitent
Little Novels
The Queen of Hearts   
Heart and Science
The Two Destinies
Miss or Mrs.?
My Lady's Money
The Frozen Deep
I Say No
The Legacy of Cain
The Evil Genius
The Dead Alive

List of Authors

Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880)

A Simple Soul
Madame Bovary

List of Authors

Washington Irving (1783-1859)

Little Britain   
Legend of Sleepy Hollow   
Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon   
Captain Bonneville
Old Christmas
Conquest of Granada

List of Authors

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894)

The Wrecker    
Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde   
Treasure Island   
The Wrong Box
The Sea Fogs
The Ebb-Tide
The Pocket R.L.S.

List of Authors

Andrew Lang  (1844-1912)

The Brown Fairy Book   
The Lilac Fairy Book   
The Orange Fairy Book   
The Red Fairy Book   
The Violet Fairy Book   
The Green Fairy Book
The Yellow Fairy Book
The Blue Fairy Book
The Crimson Fairy Book                   
The Grey Fairy Book
The Pink Fairy Book
The Olive Fairy Book
Letters to Dead Authors
Myth, Ritual, and Religion, Vol. 1
Myth, Ritual, and Religion, Vol. 2
Prince Prigio
Much Darker Days    
The Gold Of Fairnilee   
The Mark of Cain
The Valet's Tragedy and Others
Homer and His Age
Johnny Nut and the Golden Goose
Highways and Byways in The Border
The Story of Joan of Arc

List of Authors

David Christie Murray  (1847-1907)

Aunt Rachel
My Contemporaries in Fiction  
The Making Of A Novelist
In Direst Peril
An Old Meerschaum
Romance Of Giovanni Calvotti
Cruel Barbara Allen
Schwartz: A History
Young Mr. Barter's Repentance  
Bulldog And Butterfly
Julia and her Romeo
VC—A Chronicle of Castle Barfield
Despair's Last Journey

List of Authors

Booth Tarkington (1869-1946)

Monsieur Beaucaire   
The Turmoil
The Beautiful Lady
The Magnificent Ambersons   
His Own People   
Penrod and Sam
Harlequin and Columbine   
Beasley's Christmas Party   
Ramsey Milholland
Alice Adams
The Two Vanrevels
The Gentleman From Indiana
In the Arena

List of Authors

Herbert George Wells (1866-1946)

The World Set Free
The Secret Places of the Heart  
God The Invisible King
The Research Magnificent
Twelve Stories and a Dream
Ann Veronica
Tono Bungay
The Red Room
When the Sleeper Wakes  
The Wheels of Chance  
Soul of a Bishop
War and the Future
The New Machiavelli
The War in the Air
First and Last Things
Mankind in the Making

List of Authors

Francis Hodgson Burnett (1849-1924)

Racketty Packetty House
Little Lord Fauntleroy   
Surly Tim
The Pretty Sister Of José   
The Shuttle
Sara Crewe
Mère Girauds Little Daughter   
The White People
Le Monsieur De La Petite Dame
One Day At Arle
That Lass O' Lowrie's
T. Tembarom

List of Authors

Horatio Alger, Jr. (1832-1898)

Cast Upon the Breakers   
Driven From Home
Paul Prescott's Charge
Hector's Inheritance
Helping Himself
Nothing to Eat
The Cash Boy
The Errand Boy
Joe The Hotel Boy   
Bound to Rise
The Young Musician   
Facing the World   
Herbert Carter's Legacy   
Bernard Brooks' Adventures   
Paul the Peddler
Phil the Fiddler
Frank's Campaign
Do and Dare
Timothy Crump's Ward
Try and Trust
Walter Sherwood's Probation

List of Authors

Henry James (1843-1916)

Roderick Hudson   
The American
The Finer Grain
The Aspern Papers
The Turn of the Screw   
The Reverberator
Madame de Mauves
Italian Hours
Picture and Text
The Europeans
The Author Of Beltraffio   
Georgina's Reasons
Daisy Miller
An International Episode
A Passionate Pilgrim
The Awkward Age
Preface: Brooke's Letters America   
The Outcry
The Path Of Duty
Four Meetings
Portrait of a Lady, Vol. 1
Portrait of a Lady, Vol. 2
Louisa Pallant
The Golden Bowl

List of Authors

Thomas Bailey Aldrich (1836-1907)

Cruise of the Dolphin
The Story of a Bad Boy
Ponkapog Papers
An Old Town By The Sea   
The Little Violinist
A Struggle For Life
Miss Mehetabel's Son
A Rivermouth Romance   
Quite So
Marjorie Daw
Our New Neighbors At Ponkapog
Père Antoine's Date-Palm
Mademoiselle Olympe Zabriski
A Midnight Fantasy
Wyndham Towers

List of Authors

Jack London (1876-1916)

The Scarlet Plague
The Son of the Sun
The Acorn Planter
The Call of the Wild   
South Sea Tales
The Night-Born
When God Laughs and Others   
The Iron Heel
Scorn of Women--A Play
Before Adam
Moon-Face and Others
Valley of the Moon
Smoke Bellew

List of Authors

George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

Mrs. Warren's Profession   
An Unsocial Socialist
Dark Lady of the Sonnets   
The Perfect Wagnerite
The Great Catherine
O'Flaherty V. C
Fanny's First Play
You Never Can Tell

Annajanska, the Bolshevik Empress   
Captain Brassbound's Conversion
Parents and Children
Man And Superman
The Inca of Perusalem
How He Lied to Her Husband
Press Cuttings
Cashel Byron's Profession
Getting Married
Heartbreak House
Augustus Does His Bit
Caesar and Cleopatra
Preface to Doctors Dilemma
The Doctor's Dilemma
Preface to Androcles and the Lion
The Philanderer
The Shewing-up of Blanco Posnet

List of Authors

Stories by Many English Authors


List of Authors

Herbert A. Giles   (1845-1935)

The Civilization Of China   
China and the Manchus
Religions of Ancient China
Chinese Sketches
List of Authors

H. Rider Haggard   (1856-1925)

Black Heart and White Heart   
Benita, An African Romance
Allan's Wife
Maiwa's Revenge
Eric Brighteyes
Long Odds
She and Allan
The Lady Of Blossholme
Nada the Lily
When the World Shook
A Tale of Three Lions
The Ghost Kings
The Ivory Child
Queen Sheba's Ring
Hunter Quatermain's Story
The World's Desire
The Mahatma and the Hare   
Morning Star
Doctor Therne
Montezuma's Daughter
Child of Storm
The Ancient Allan
Moon of Israel
The Yellow God
The Wizard
Red Eve
The Wanderer's Necklace
The Virgin of the Sun
Stella Fregelius
Smith and the Pharaohs, and Others
The People Of The Mist
Cetywayo and White Neighbours
Allan and the Holy Flower
Allan Quatermain

List of Authors

Emile Gaboriau   (1832-1873)

The Champdoce Mystery
The Honor of the Name
The Count's Millions, v1
Baron Trigault's Vengeance, v2   
Caught In The Net
The Widow Lerouge   
File No. 113
Monsieur Lecoq
Within an Inch of His Life
The Clique of Gold
Other People's Money
A Thousand Francs Reward
List of Authors

Robert Hichens   (1864-1950)

The Prophet of Berkeley Square   
The Spell of Egypt
In the Wilderness
The Garden Of Allah
December Love
The Spinster
The Woman With The Fan
Smaïn; and Safti's Summer Day
The Figure In The Mirage
Princess And The Jewel Doctor
Halima And The Scorpions
Mission Of Mr. Eustace Greyne   
Fin Tireur

The Desert Drum
Desert Air
The Return Of The Soul
The Folly Of Eustace
The Collaborators
A Spirit in Prison

List of Authors

Charles Dickens   (1812-1870)

A Christmas Carol     
Our Mutual Friend
Barnaby Rudge
Dombey and Son
Old Curiosity Shop
Great Expectations
David Copperfield
Adventures Of Nicholas Nickleby
Adventures Of Martin Chuzzlewit   
Oliver Twist   
Dickens as a Reader by Charles Kent
Little Dorrit
The Pickwick Papers
A Tale of Two Cities

List of Authors

Richard Harding Davis   (1864-1916)

A Question of Latitude   
The Spy
The Messengers
The Frame Up
The Lost House
My Buried Treasure
The Red Cross Girl
Real Soldiers of Fortune  
Captain Macklin  
A Wasted Day
A Charmed Life
The Amateur
Log of The "Jolly Polly"  
Miss Civilization
The Make-Believe Man
In the Fog
Peace Manoeuvres
Life in the Iron-Mills
Billy and the Big Stick
Lion and the Unicorn and Others
The Man Who Could Not Lose
The Nature Faker
The Consul
Gallegher and Other Stories
Ranson's Folly

List of Authors

Bret Harte   (1836-1902)

A Waif of the Plains   
Devil's Ford
Stories in Light and Shadow  
Openings in the Old Trail
From Sand Hill to Pine
In the Carquinez Woods
Legends and Tales
A Drift from Redwood Camp   
A First Family of Tasajara
Found At Blazing Star
The Twins of Table Mountain   
Snow-Bound at Eagle's
Susy, A Story of the Plains  
Tales of Trail and Town
Under the Redwoods
Mr. Jack Hamlin's Mediation  
Selected Stories
The Story of a Mine
Jeff Briggs's Love Story
The Argonauts of North Liberty   
Sally Dows and Other Stories
Flip: A California Romance
The Queen of the Pirate Isle
Complete Poetical Works
Trent's Trust and Other Stories
The Crusade of the Excelsior
Mrs. Skaggs's Husbands and Other Stories
The Three Partners
On the Frontier
Urban Sketches
The Bell-Ringer of Angel's and Others
A Protegee of Jack Hamlin's and Others
A Phyllis of the Sierras
Colonel Starbottle's Client and Others
A Sappho of Green Springs
Tales of the Argonauts
Two Men of Sandy Bar
Luck of Roaring Camp and Others

List of Authors

Charles Reade   (1814-1884)

A Simpleton   
White Lies
A Terrible Temptation   
Peg Woffington   
Put Yourself in His Place   
Cloister and the Hearth
Christie Johnstone

Hard Cash
It Is Never Too Late to Mend
Love Me Little, Love Me Long
The Woman-Hater

List of Authors

Joseph C. Lincoln   (1870-1944)

Keziah Coffin
The Depot Master
Thankful's Inheritance
Cy Whittaker's Place
Galusha the Magnificent   
The Woman-Haters
Cap'n Eri
Kent Knowles: Quahaug   
Cape Cod Stories
The Portygee
The Rise of Roscoe Paine
Cap'n Warren's Wards
Cap'n Dan's Daughter

List of Authors

William Makepeace Thackeray   (1811-1863)

The Rose and the Ring
History of Henry Esmond   
Roundabout Papers
The Wolves and the Lamb
The Fitz-Boodle Papers
Catherine: A Story
Paris Sketch Book
The History of Pendennis  
George Cruikshank   
The Book of Snobs
The Fatal Boots
The Christmas Books   
Men's Wives
The Virginians
The Newcomes

The Second Funeral of Napoleon
John Leech's Pictures of Life and Character
Little Travels and Roadside Sketches
A Little Dinner at Timmins's
The Bedford-Row Conspiracy
Memoirs of Mr. Yellowplush
Barry Lyndon

List of Authors

Ralph Connor   (1860-1937)

Corporal Cameron
Glengarry Schooldays   
The Doctor
To Him That Hath
Black Rock
The Sky Pilot   
The Man From Glengarry
The Sky Pilot in No Man's Land   
The Major
The Patrol of the Sun Dance Trail

List of Authors

R. D. Blackmore   (1825-1900)

Lorna Doone (illustrated)
Lorna Doone (plain edition)  
Mary Anerley

Slain by the Doones  

Frida, or, The Lover's Leap
George Bowring - Cader Idris
Crocker's Hole
Fringilla: Some Tales In Verse

List of Authors

David Herbert Lawrence    (1885-1930)

Sons and Lovers  
Aaron's Rod
The Prussian Officer
Wintry Peacock
Touch and Go

List of Authors

Maria Dinah Craik    (1826-1887)

Agatha's Husband   
The Little Lame Prince    
A Life for a Life, Volume I
A Life for a Life, Volume II
A Life for a Life, Volume III

List of Authors

Arthur Conan Doyle    (1859-1930)

Return of Sherlock Holmes   
A Desert Drama
Beyond the City
The White Company
Sir Nigel
The Mystery of Cloomber
The Doings Of Raffles Haw
Return of Sherlock Holmes
Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes   
Songs of The Road
Adventures of Gerard
The Great Boer War
The Last Galley

My Friend The Murderer
A Study In Scarlet
Captain of the Pole-Star
Hound of the Baskervilles
The Valley of Fear
Micah Clarke

List of Authors

Pierre Loti    (1850-1923)

An Iceland Fisherman
Egypt (La Mort De Philae)   
The Story of a Child

List of Authors

Neil Munro    (1863-1930)

Doom Castle
Gilian The Dreamer  
The Lost Pibroch  
John Splendid
The Shoes of Fortune

List of Authors

Theodore Roosevelt    (1858-1919)

Theodore Roosevelt, Autobiography    
Hunting the Grisly and Others
Letters to His Children
Hero Tales From American History

List of Authors

Alphonse Daudet    (1840-1897)

The Nabob
Tartarin de Tarascon  
Tartarin de Tarascon  
Artist's Wives
The Immortal
Tartarin On The Alps

List of Authors

Theophile Gautier    (1811-1872)

Captain Fracasse   
King Candaules
The Mummy's Foot

List of Authors

Holman Day    (1865-1935)

The Landloper
When Egypt Went Broke  
Squire Phin
Up In Maine
Rainy Day Railroad
Blow The Man Down
Pine Tree Ballads
Where The Treasure Is

List of Authors

Edward Bellamy    (1860-1896)

The Blindman's World
An Echo Of Antietam
Hooking Watermelons
To Whom This May Come
A Summer Evening's Dream  
Two Days' Solitary Imprisonment  
Potts's Painless Cure
A Positive Romance
At Pinney's Ranch
The Old Folks' Party
A Love Story Reversed
With The Eyes Shut
The Cold Snap
The Duke of Stockbridge

List of Authors

Anna Katharine Green (Mrs. Charles Rohlfs)    (1846-1935)

The Bronze Hand
A Difficult Problem
The Gray Madam
A Strange Disappearance   
The Woman in the Alcove
The Leavenworth Case
Hermit Of ------ Street
Midnight In Beauchamp Row   
The Staircase At The Hearts Delight
Initials Only
The Golden Slipper
The Mayor's Wife

List of Authors

Mary Russell Mitford    (1787-1855)

The London Visitor
Town Versus Country  
The Lost Dahlia
Country Lodgings
Our Village
Jesse Cliffe
Honor O'Callaghan
Hanson, The Haberdasher  
The Widow's Dog

Aunt Deborah
The China-Woman
The Beauty Of The Village
The Ground-Ash

List of Authors

Heman White Chaplin    (1847-1924)

By The Sea
Saint Patrick
New Minister's Opportunity  
In Madeira Place  

Five Hundred Dollars
The Village Convict

List of Authors

Frank Harris    (1856-1931)

Sheriff And His Partner  
A Modern Idyll
Gulmore, The Boss
Eatin' Crow; and In Garotte  
Elder Conklin
Elder Conklin and Other Stories
The Man Shakespeare

List of Authors

Thomas Nelson Page    (1853-1922)

George Washington's Duel   
A Soldier Of The Empire
Run To Seed
P'laski's Tunament
The Burial of the Guns
The Sheriffs Bluff
The Christmas Peace
Mam' Lyddy's Recognition   

Old Jabe's Marital Experiments
The Long Hillside
The Spectre In The Cart
Bred In The Bone

List of Authors

Mary Hartwell Catherwood    (1847-1902)

The Cursed Patois  
The Black Feather  
The Blue Man  
Old Caravan Days  
Skeleton On Round Island  
Indian On The Trail  

Mothers Of Honoré  
Cobbler In The Devil's Kitchen  
A British Islander  
King Of Beaver  

List of Authors

Josephine Daskam    (1876-1961)

A Reversion To Type  
In The Valley Of The Shadow   
A Philanthropist  
Julia The Apostate  
The Courting Of Lady Jane  
Mrs. Dud's Sister  

List of Authors

Charles Egbert Craddock (AKA Mary Noailles Murfree)    (1850-1922)

The Raid Of The Guerilla
Wolf's Head
Una Of The Hill Country
Who Crosses Storm Mountain?
The Phantom Of Bogue Holauba   
The Christmas Miracle   
A Chilhowee Lily
The Lost Guidon
His Unquiet Ghost
The Crucial Moment
The Riddle Of The Rocks
The Phantoms Of The Foot-Bridge
The Moonshiners At Hoho-Hebee Falls
'way Down In Lonesome Cove
His "Day In Court"

List of Authors

F. Hopkinson Smith    (1838-1915)

The Little Gray Lady
A Gentleman's Gentleman   
Kennedy Square
Forty Minutes Late   
Abijah's Bubble
Felix O'Day

A List To Starboard
The Parthenon By Way Of Papendrecht
Tom Grogan
The Man In The High-Water Boots

List of Authors

Thomas A. Janvier    (1849-1913)

A Border Ruffian
Our Pirate Hoard
For The Honor Of France   
A Temporary Dead-Lock
The Uncle Of An Angel
A Romance Of Tompkins Square   
An Idyl Of The East Side

List of Authors

Edith Wharton    (1862-1937)

Autres Temps...   
The Touchstone
Ethan Frome
The Greater Inclination   
The Long Run
Bunner Sisters   
The Choice
The Reef
Glimpses of the Moon      
Coming Home
The Triumph Of Night
Early Short Fiction, Part 1
Early Short Fiction, Part 2
Tales Of Men And Ghosts

List of Authors

George A. Birmingham    (1865-1950)

Our Casualty    
General John Regan   
The Northern Iron
Lady Bountiful
Lalage's Lovers
Priscilla's Spies

List of Authors

Louis Becke    (1855-1913)

Yorke The Adventurer
John Corwell, Sailor   
Poisonous Fish
Colonial Mortuary Bard
"'Reo," The Fisherman
"Old Mary"
"Martin Of Nitendi"
Call Of The South"
Ebbing Of The Tide
In The Far North
Officer And Man
The Trader's Wife
The South Seaman
Fish Drugging
Âmona and Others
Tom Gerrard
becke (24K) The River Of Dreams
"Five-Head" Creek
Black Bream Of Australia   
Chinkie's Flat and Others
John Frewen, South Sea Whaler
Memory Of The Southern Seas
Rídan The Devil and Others
Rodman the Boatsteeer and Others
The Flemmings and "Flash Harry"
"Pig-Headed" Sailor Men
Americans In The South Seas
The Tapu Of Banderah
The Sea Story Of Australia
Concerning "Bully" Hayes
Adventure Of James Shervinton
Brothers-In-Law; The Brass Gun
Adventure Of Elizabeth Morey
Foster's Letter Of Marque
The Gallant and Jack Renton

List of Authors

Anatole France    (1844-1924)

Penguin Island
Duchess Of Cicogne   
Balthazar and Other Stories
Tales Of Jacques Tournebroche
Child Life, Town And Country
The Great St. Nicolas
Seven Wives Of Bluebeard
The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard
The Queen Pedauque

The Life of Joan of Arc, Volumes 1 and 2

List of Authors

George W. Peck    (1840-1916)

Peck's Bad Boy and His Pa (v.1)
Grocery Man and Peck's Bad Boy (v.2)   
Peck's Bad Boy Abroad   
Peck's Bad Boy With the Cowboys   
Peck's Uncle Ike and Red Headed Boy
Peck's Sunshine
Private George W. Peck

List of Authors

Edgar Allen Poe    (1809-1849)

The Works of Poe: Volume I.
The Works of Poe: Volume II.
The Works of Poe: Volume III.
The Works of Poe: Volume IV.
The Works of Poe: Volume V.

The Raven, Illustrated

List of Authors

Hall Caine    (1853-1931)

The Manxman
The Little Manx Nation
Capt'n Davy's Honeymoon   
The Christian   
The Drama Of 365 Days
Recollections of D. G. Rossetti
The Scapegoat
The Shadow of a Crime

List of Authors

Edward Gibbon    (1737-1794)

PG 1996 Edition
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6

PG 1997 Edition
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6
gibbon (118K)

Memoirs of My Life and Writings

List of Authors

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu


Volume 1   
Volume 2   
Volume 3

List of Authors

Thomas Carlyle    (1795-1881)


Volume 1   
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6   
Volume 7
Volume 8
Volume 9
Volume 10
Volume 11   
Volume 12
Volume 13
Volume 14
Volume 15
Volume 16   
Volume 17
Volume 18
Volume 19
Volume 20
Volume 21
Volume 22


The French Revolution    
Sartor Resartus    
Life of John Sterling    
Heroes and Hero Worship    
Latter-Day Pamphlets
Early Kings of Norway

List of Authors

Hippolyte Taine    (1828-1893)

The Ancient Regime
The French Revolution, Volume 1
The French Revolution, Volume 2   
The French Revolution, Volume 3
TheModern Regime: Napoleon I.
The Modern Regime, Volume 2

List of Authors

Lewis Carroll    (1832-1898)

Alice in Wonderland    
Through the Looking-Glass    
The Hunting of the Snark
Sylvie and Bruno

List of Authors

Thomas Babbington Macaulay    (1800-1859)

History of England: Accession of James II. v.1     
History of England: Accession of James II. v.2
History of England: Accession of James II. v.3
History of England: Accession of James II. v.4
History of England: Accession of James II. v.5

Miscellaneous Writings and Speeches v.1
Miscellaneous Writings and Speeches v.2
Miscellaneous Writings and Speeches v.3
Miscellaneous Writings and Speeches v.4
Lays of Ancient Rome

Six Volumes of Critical, Historical, and Miscellaneous Essays

Critical, Historical, and Miscellaneous Essays; Volume 1
Critical, Historical, and Miscellaneous Essays; Volume 2
Critical, Historical, and Miscellaneous Essays; Volume 3
Critical, Historical, and Miscellaneous Essays; Volume 4
Critical, Historical, and Miscellaneous Essays; Volume 5
Critical, Historical, and Miscellaneous Essays; Volume 6

Life and Letters of Lord Macaulay, by George Otto Trevelyan

List of Authors

Willa Cather    (1873-1947)

Alexander's Bridge   
O Pioneers!
The Troll Garden
Song of the Lark
My Antonia

List of Authors

Lucy Maud Montgomery    (1874-1942)

Anne Of Avonlea
Anne Of The Island
Chronicles of Avonlea   
Kilmeny of the Orchard   
Anne Of Green Gables
The Golden Road
Rainbow Valley
The Story Girl

List of Authors

Rudyard Kipling    (1865-1936)

The Jungle Book
The Second Jungle Book   
The Bridge-Builders   
Barrack-Room Ballads   
Under the Deodars
Departmental Ditties   
Life's Handicap   
Just So Stories   
Phantom 'Rickshaw and Others   
Verses, 1889-1896
American Notes
Stalky & Co.
Rewards and Fairies
Works Kipling: One Volume Edition   
Plain Tales from the Hills
The Day's Work, Vol. 1
The Light That Failed
The Story of the Gadsby
Actions and Reactions
Soldiers Three
Soldiers Three, Part II.

List of Authors

EBooks With Works of Several Authors

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, '95   
Step by Step
A Bundle of Ballads
Selections From American Poetry
Twilight Stories
The Belgian Cookbook
Carols and Midsummer Songs
U.S. Presidential Inaugural Addresses  
The Sturdy Oak
The Augsberg Confession of Faith
Trinity [Atomic Test] Site
Washington Square Plays
A Child's Story Garden
Noon-Day Fancies for Pets
US Presidents' Inaugural Speeches
Children's Book of Christmas Stories
American Poetry
The Russian Revolution
Sinking of the Titanic
Chap-Book Stories

The Home Book of Verse:   Vol. 1     Vol. 2     Vol. 3     Vol. 4

List of Authors

[Ohiyesa], Charles A. Eastman    (1858-1939)

Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains   
Indian Boyhood
Old Indian Days
The Soul of the Indian

List of Authors

Anonymous or Unknown Authors    (--)

Log-Cabin Lady
Story Of Frithiof The Bold   
The Story Of Gunnlaug
Life of St. Declan of Ardmore   
The Hunted Outlaw   
Apu Ollantay   
English Fairy Tales
British Ballads, Ancient and Modern, Vol. 1
British Ballads, Ancient and Modern, Vol. 2
British Ballads, Ancient and Modern, Vol. 3
British Ballads, Ancient and Modern, Vol. 4     
Two Yellow-Birds
The Good Girl
Old Mother Bantry and her Cat
Who Was Who: 5000 B. C. to Date   
The Dhammapada   
Hetty's Strange History   
Life and Death of Cormac the Skald    
Grettir The Strong
Narrative of New Netherland
London and Country Brewer
Scotch Proverbs
Ye Book of Copperheads
The Cowslip
American Indian Fairy Tales
Jack and Jill and Old Dame Gill
New Book of Nonsense
The Lulu Alphabet
The Confutatio Pontificia
The Nibelungenlied
Volsunga Saga
Cinderella and Others
Tom Thumb, and Others
Friends and Neighbors
Welsh Fairy-Tales And Others
Little Crumbs And Others
Dame Trot and her Cat
Goody Two Shoes
Tom, the Piper's Son
Popular Story of Blue Beard
Curly Locks
Stories About Indians

List of Authors

Robert W. Service    (1874-1958)

Ballads of a Cheechako
The Spell of the Yukon
Rhymes of a Rolling Stone  
Rhymes of a Red Cross Man
Ballads of a Bohemian

List of Authors

Jerome K. Jerome    (1859-1927)

Second Thoughts of An Idle Fellow    
Woodbarrow Farm    
Passing of the Third Floor Back  
The Cost of Kindness
Mrs. Korner Sins Her Mercies
The Philosopher's Joke
The Observations of Henry   
The Soul of Nicholas Snyders
The Love of Ulrich Nebendahl
Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow
Paul Kelver
The Prude's Progress
On The Stage-And Off

List of Authors

Xenophon    (431 BC-350? BC)

The Apology
The Cavalry General   
The Economist
The Hellenica
On Horsemanship
The Memorabilia
Polity of the Athenians   
On Revenues
The Sportsman
The Symposium

List of Authors

Plato    (427? BC-347? BC)

The Republic   
Alcibiades I
Alcibiades II   
Lesser Hippias   

List of Authors

Owen Wister    (1860-1938)

Philosophy 4
Padre Ignacio   
Lin McLean
Lady Baltimore
The Jimmyjohn Boss   
A Straight Deal
The Virginian

List of Authors

B. M. Bower    (1874-1940)

Good Indian
Lure of the Dim Trails
Cabin Fever
Chip, of the Flying U   
Flying U Ranch
Heritage of the Sioux   
Lonesome Land
Flying U's Last Stand
Her Prairie Knight
Rowdy of the Cross L

List of Authors

G. K. Chesterton    (1874-1936)

Innocence of Father Brown
Wisdom of Father Brown
The Man Who Was Thursday   
Alarms and Discursions
The Trees of Pride
The Ball and The Cross
Ballad of the White Horse  
Tremendous Trifles  
A Miscellany of Men
The Club of Queer Trades
What's Wrong With The World
Utopia of Usurers and Others

List of Authors

Henry van Dyke    (1852-1933)

Little Rivers
Fisherman's Luck   
Music and Other Poems   
The Ruling Passion
Blue Flower, and Others
The Valley of Vision

List of Authors

Kenneth Grahame    (1859-1932)

Dream Days
The Golden Age   
Wind in the Willows
Dream Days

List of Authors

Henry Lawson    (1867-1922)

When the World Was Wide Verses   
Joe Wilson and His Mates
Children of the Bush
The Rising of the Court
On the Track
Over the Sliprails
While the Billy Boils

List of Authors

George MacDonald    (1824-1905)

Bannerman Boyhood
At the Back of the North Wind   
Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood   
David Elginbrod
A Dish Of Orts
Diary of an Old Soul
Robert Falconer
The Flight of the Shadow   
Home Again
Portent and Other Stories
A Rough Shaking
Salted With Fire
The Seaboard Parish, Complete
Stephen Archer and Other Tales
There and Back
Wilfrid Cumbermede
Thomas Wingfold, Curate
The Elect Lady

List of Authors

Christopher Marlowe    (1564-1593)

Dr. Faustus
The Jew of Malta
Massacre at Paris.   
Tamburlaine the Great, Part I.
Tamburlaine the Great, Part II.

List of Authors

E. Nesbit    (1858-1924)

Phoenix and the Carpet
Story of the Treasure Seekers   
The Railway Children   
The Wouldbegoods
The Story of the Amulet
Stories from Shakespeare

List of Authors

E. Phillips Oppenheim    (1866-1946)

The Great Impersonation   
Kingdom of the Blind
The Illustrious Prince
The Devil's Paw
The Vanished Messenger
The Zeppelin's Passenger   
The Malefactor
The Tempting of Tavernake  
A Millionaire of Yesterday
Peter Ruff and the Double Four   
The Yellow Crayon
The Evil Shepherd

List of Authors

Andrew Barton Paterson    (1864-1941)

Three Elephant Power
The Man from Snowy River   
An Outback Marriage
Rio Grande's Last Race
Saltbush Bill etc.

List of Authors

Eleanor H. Porter    (1868-1920)

Miss Billy
Miss Billy Married   
Miss Billy's Decision

List of Authors

Gene Stratton-Porter    (1863-1924)

A Girl Of The Limberlost   
The Harvester
Her Father's Daughter

List of Authors

Mary Roberts Rinehart    (1876-1957)

Where There's A Will   
A Sub-Deb
A Poor Wise Man
When a Man Marries
The Street of Seven Stars   
The Breaking Point
Sight Unseen
Long Live the King
The Confession
Dangerous Days
The Man in Lower Ten

List of Authors

Sax Rohmer    (1883-1959)

The Yellow Claw   
Tales of Chinatown
Return of Dr. Fu-Manchu
Bat Wing

List of Authors

Olive Schreiner    (1855-1920)

Story of an African Farm   
Dream Life and Real Life
Trooper Peter Halket
Woman and Labour

List of Authors

Kate Douglas Wiggin    (1856-1923)

Village Watch-Tower
Story Of Waitstill Baxter   
Homespun Tales
New Chronicles of Rebecca   
Penelope's English Experiences
Penelope's Irish Experiences
Penelope in Scotland
The Story Hour
Half-A-Dozen Housekeepers

List of Authors

Thomas Henry Huxley    (1825-1895)

Autobiography and Essays
On the Method of Zadig
The Rise of Palaeontology   
Lectures on Evolution
The Interpreters of Genesis   
Mr. Gladstone and Genesis
Lights of the Church
Aphorisms and Reflections
Hasisadra's Adventure
Evolution of Theology
The Origin of Species
Criticisms on "Origin of Species"  
Man's Place in Nature
Relations of Man to Animals
Fossil Remains of Man

Improving Natural Knowledge
On the Study of Zoology
Geological Contemporaneity
Coral and Coral Reefs
Circulation Of The Blood
Lectures and Essays

Lectures To Working Men, Museum of Practical Geology, 1863, On Darwin's "Origin of Species"

Present Condition of Organic Nature   
Past Condition of Organic Nature
The Causes Of Organic Nature
Hereditary Transmission
The Perpetuation Of Living Beings
Examination of Mr. Darwin's Work

List of Authors

Charlotte M. Yonge    (1823-1901)

Two Penniless Princesses   
The Chaplet of Pearls
Love and Life
Beechcroft at Rockstone
The Herd Boy and His Hermit
The Heir of Redclyffe
Clever Woman of the Family   
Henrietta's Wish
The Daisy Chain
A Book of Golden Deeds   
Cameos from English History   
Magnum Bonum
The Long Vacation
Stray Pearls
The Young Step-Mother
The Two Sides of the Shield
Life of John Coleridge Patteson

List of Authors

Jules Verne    (1828-1905)

Off on a Comet
The Mysterious Island   
The Underground City
In Search of the Castaways    
Michael Strogoff
Survivors of the Chancellor
Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon
Five Weeks in a Balloon

List of Authors

J. M. Synge    (1871-1909)

Riders to the Sea
Playboy of the Western World   
Deirdre of the Sorrows   
The Well of the Saints
In The Shadow of the Glen

List of Authors

Upton Sinclair    (1878-1968)

The Jungle
Damaged Goods
The Naturewoman   
King Coal   
The Second-Story Man   
King Midas   
Samuel the Seeker   
Love's Pilgrimage   
Prince Hagen
The Moneychangers
The Journal of Arthur Stirling   
They Call Me Carpenter   
The Machine
The Profits of Religion
Sylvia's Marriage
The Pot Boiler
100%: The Story of a Patriot
Jimmie Higgins

List of Authors

Rafael Sabatini    (1875-1950)

Mistress Wilding
Captain Blood
Historical Night's Entertainment-1  
Historical Night's Entertainment-2
St. Martin's Summer
The Snare
Trampling of the Lilies
The Life of Cesare Borgia  

The Sea-Hawk
The Shame of Motley
The Strolling Saint   

The Suitors of Yvonne
The Tavern Knight
Bardelys the Magnificent
The Lion's Skin

List of Authors

Elia W. Peattie    (1862-1935)

A Michigan Man
A Mountain Woman and Others   
Painted Windows
The Shape of Fear

List of Authors

Louise Muhlbach    (1814-1873)

The Daughter of an Empress   
Old Fritz and the New Era
The Empress Josephine
Frederick The Great and Family
Henry VIII And His Court
Louisa Of Prussia and Her Times

List of Authors

Flavius Josephus    (38?-100?)

Against Apion
Concerning Hades  
Life of Flavius Josephus
The Antiquities of the Jews  
The Wars of the Jews

List of Authors

Thomas Hardy    (1840-1928)

Return of the Native
Mayor of Casterbridge   
The Dynasts   
A Pair of Blue Eyes   
A Laodicean

The Well-Beloved
Desperate Remedies

List of Authors

Zane Grey    (1872-1939)

The Lone Star Ranger
Light of Western Stars   
The Rainbow Trail   
The U.P. Trail
Heritage of the Desert
The Call of the Canyon   
Riders of the Purple Sage   

The Young Forester
The Man of the Forest
The Border Legion

List of Authors

Charlotte P. S. Gilman    (1860-1935)

The Yellow Wallpaper   
Our Androcentric Culture
What Diantha Did

List of Authors

Friedrich de La Motte-Fouque    (1777-1843)

The Two Captains
Sintram and His Companions   
Aslauga's Knight

List of Authors

E. M. Forster    (1879-1970)

Howards End
The Longest Journey   
A Room With A View
Where Angels Fear to Tread

List of Authors

J. Henri Fabre    (1823-1915)

The Mason-bees
Bramble-bees and Others   
More Hunting Wasps
The Life of the Fly

List of Authors

Charles Darwin    (1809-1882)

Voyage of the "Beagle"
On the Origin of Species, Ed. 1   
On the Origin of Species, Ed. 6   
Darwin and Modern Science, by Others   
Emotion in Man and Animals   
Autobiography of Darwin   
Life and Letters of Darwin, Vol. 1
Life and Letters of Darwin, Vol. 2
More Letters of Darwin, Vol. 1
More Letters of Darwin, Vol. 2

List of Authors

Colbron and Groner    (--)

Case of the Golden Bullet   
The Pocket Diary
Pool of Blood
Case of the Registered Letter   
The Lamp That Went Out

List of Authors

James M. Barrie    (1860-1937)

Peter Pan
Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens   
Auld Licht Idyls
The Little White Bird
The Admirable Crichton   

Alice Sit-By-The-Fire
What Every Woman Knows

List of Authors

Aristophanes    (446? BC-385? BC)

The Clouds   
The Acharnians   
The Birds
The Frogs

List of Authors

Louisa M. Alcott    (1832-1888)

Eight Cousins   
Jack and Jill
Marjorie's Three Gifts   
Pauline's Passion and Punishment   
The Louisa Alcott Reader   
Little Men
An Old-fashioned Girl   
The Abbot's Ghost
On Picket Duty and Others   

Rose in Bloom
Jo's Boys
A Garland for Girls

List of Authors

Joseph A. Altsheler    (1862-1919)

The Scouts of the Valley   
The Scouts of Stonewall
The Sword of Antietam
The Guns of Shiloh
The Rock of Chickamauga

List of Authors

Aristotle    (384 BC-322 BC)

Poetics (different edition)   
Parva Naturalia (in Greek)

List of Authors

Jane Austen    (1775-1817)

Northanger Abbey   
Mansfield Park
Lady Susan
Pride and Prejudice   
Love And Freindship and Others
Sense and Sensibility (by another volunteer)

List of Authors

Max Beerbohm    (1872-1956)

Seven Men    
And Even Now    
The Works of Max Beerbohm    

Zuleika Dobson

List of Authors

Ambrose Bierce    (1842-1914?)

Shadow on the Dial, et al.   
The Damned Thing
Monk and The Hangman's Daughter   
The Cynic's Word Book   
Devil's Dictionary
A Son of the Gods
The Fiend's Delight
The Dance of Death

List of Authors

Hjalmar H. Boyesen    (1848-1895)

A Good-For-Nothing     Tales From Two Hemispheres     Boyhood in Norway

List of Authors

Ernest Bramah    (1869?-1942)

The Mirror of Kong Ho     The Wallet of Kai Lung     Kai Lung's Golden Hours

List of Authors

Thornton W. Burgess    (1874-1965)

Adventures of Reddy Fox
Old Mother West Wind
Whitefoot the Wood Mouse
Adventures of Poor Mrs. Quack   
The Adventures of Bob White   
Mother West Wind "When" Stories   
Bird Book for Children   
Blacky the Crow
Burgess Animal Book for Children   
The Adventures of Peter Cottontail   
The The Adventures of Bobby Coon   
Adventures of Jerry Muskrat
Old Granny Fox
The Adventures of Johnny Chuck
Mrs. Peter Rabbit
The Adventures of Old Man Coyote

List of Authors

Ellis Parker Butler    (1869-1937)

Water Goats and Other Troubles    
That Pup
In Pawn
Red Head and Whistle Breeches
How it Feels to be Fifty
The Revolt
"Pigs is Pigs"    
The Great American Pie Company    
The Jack-Knife Man
The Adventures Of A Suburbanite
The Incubator Baby

The Confessions of a Daddy
Perkins of Portland
Dominie Dean

List of Authors

Irvin S. Cobb    (1876-1944)

Cobb's Anatomy    
Europe Revised
The Glory of The Coming    
(Images of the WW I Battlefields)    
Plea for Old Cap Collier
"Speaking of Operations--"    
Those Times And These

Back Home
Old Judge Priest
The Abandoned Farmers

List of Authors

James Fenimore Cooper    (1789-1851)

The Last of the Mohicans
The Pathfinder
The Monikins
Jack Tier or The Florida Reef    
The Deerslayer    
The Prairie
The Pioneers    

Afloat And Ashore
Oak Openings
The Pilot

List of Authors

T. S. Eliot    (1888-1965)

Prufrock and Other Observations    
Ezra Pound: His Metric and Poetry
The Waste Land
Eeldrop and Appleplex

List of Authors

Mary Godolphin    (1781-1864)

Pilgrim's Progress in Words of One Syllable    

Robinson Crusoe in Words of One Syllable    

Family Robinson in Words of One Syllable

List of Authors

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe    (1749-1832)

Erotica Romana    
Hermann and Dorothea    

The Sorrows of Young Werther

List of Authors

G. A. Henty    (1832-1902)

Saint George for England
A Knight of the White Cross   
The Lion of the North
Among Malay Pirates
Colonel Thorndyke's Secret   
Rujub, the Juggler
Won by the Sword
The Bravest of the Brave
The Young Carthaginian
Through the Fray
By Sheer Pluck

List of Authors

Herodotus    (484-425 B.C.)

An Account of Egypt     History Of Herodotus, Vol. 1     History Of Herodotus, Vol. 2

List of Authors

Anthony Hope    (1863-1933)

The Prisoner of Zenda     Rupert of Hentzau     Dolly Dialogues

List of Authors

W. H. Hudson    (1841-1922)

Green Mansions
Birds in Town and Village    
Famous Missions of California
Afoot in England

List of Authors

Mary Johnston    (1870-1936)

1492      Pioneers of the Old South      To Have and To Hold

List of Authors

Ben Jonson    (1573-1637)

Every Man In His Humor (Anglicized Ed)   
Every Man In His Humor (Italian ed.)
Every Man Out of His Humor
Volpone; Or, The Fox   
Sejanus: His Fall
Cynthia's Revels
The Poetaster
The Alchemist

List of Authors

James Joyce    (1882-1941)

Ulysses     Chamber Music     Dubliners

List of Authors

Amy Lowell    (1874-1925)

Dome of Many-Coloured Glass      Men, Women and Ghosts      Sword Blades and Poppy Seed

List of Authors

Herman Melville    (1819-1891)

Typee     I and My Chimney     Moby Dick

List of Authors

Prosper Merimee    (1803-1870)

Carmen     Columba     How The Redoubt Was Taken

List of Authors

Frank Norris    (1807-1902)

McTeague     Moran of the Lady Letty     The Octopus

List of Authors

Baroness Orczy    (1865-1947)

The Scarlet Pimpernel     The Elusive Pimpernel     El Dorado

List of Authors

Ernie Howard Pyle    (1900-1945)

Men of Iron     Twilight Land     Otto of the Silver Hand

List of Authors

William MacLeod Raine    (1871-1954)

Bucky O'Connor    
A Texas Ranger
Wyoming, The Outdoor West    
The Vision Spendid

List of Authors

Nathaniel Wright Stephenson    (1867-1935)

Lincoln     Abraham Lincoln and the Union     The Day of the Confederacy

List of Authors

Frank E. Stockton    (1834-1902)

My Terminal Moraine     Rudder Grange     The Great Stone of Sardis

List of Authors

Rabindranath Tagore    (1861-1941)

Glimpses of Bengal    
Hungry Stones And Others    

The Gardener

List of Authors

Henry David Thoreau    (1817-1862)

Walden, and Civil Disobedience     Walking     Plea for Captain John Brown

List of Authors

Ivan Turgenev    (1818-1883)

The Rendezvous    
Virgin Soil
A House of Gentlefolk    
On the Eve
A Desperate Character and Others
Dream Tales and Prose Poems

List of Authors

Stewart Edward White    (1873-1946)

The Riverman     The Land of Footprints     The Blazed Trail

List of Authors

Thomas Chandler Haliburton    (1796-1865)

The Attache, Vol. 1    The Attache, Vol. 2    The Attache, Complete

List of Authors

Edward S. Ellis    (1840-1916)

Thomas Jefferson    The Life of Kit Carson    The Daughter of the Chieftain

List of Authors

Henrik Ibsen    (1828-1906)

A Doll's House
The Lady From The Sea   
Hedda Gabler
When We Dead Awaken
Little Eyolf
The Master Builder
Early Plays

List of Authors

Stephen Leacock    (1869-1944)

My Discovery of England    Sketches of a Little Town    Frenzied Fiction

List of Authors

Henry Seton Merriman    (1862-1903)

The Vultures
The Last Hope   
Tomaso's Fortune and Others   
Barlasch of the Guard
With Edged Tools
One Generation to Another   
The Isle of Unrest
Roden's Corner
The Slave Of The Lamp

List of Authors

Maria Edgeworth    (1767-1849)

Castle Rackrent   
The Absentee   

Tales And Novels, Vol 1   
Tales And Novels, Vol 2
Tales And Novels, Vol 3
Tales And Novels, Vol 4
Tales And Novels, Vol 5
Tales And Novels, Vol 6
Tales And Novels, Vol 7
Tales And Novels, Vol 8
Tales And Novels, Vol 9
Tales And Novels, Vol 10

List of Authors

Samuel Richardson    (1689-1761)

Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded

Clarissa Harlowe, or The History of a Young Lady:

Volume 1    Volume 2    Volume 3    Volume 4    Volume 5    Volume 6    Volume 7    Volume 8    Volume 9   

List of Authors

August Strindberg    (1849-1912)

In Midsummer Days and Others    
Master Olof
Historical Miniatures

Plays 1
Plays 2
The Road to Damascus    

Creditors; Pariah
There are Crimes and Crimes
Lucky Pehr

List of Authors

P. G. Wodehouse    (1881-1975)

Indiscretions of Archie    A Man of Means    The Adventures of Sally

Frederic Bastiat    (--)

The Law
Economic Sophisms     
Protection and Communism

List of Authors

Samuel Hopkins Adams    (1871-1958)

Average Jones
The Unspeakable Perk  
Common Cause
The Flying Death
The Great American Fraud  
Wanted: A Husband
The Beggar's Purse
Our Square and the People in It

List of Authors

William H. Ainsworth    (1840-1928)

Windsor Castle
Chetwynd Calverley  
The Constable De Bourbon  
The Tower of London
Preston Fight

List of Authors

Grant Allen    (1848-1899)

A Woman With Tenacity Of Purpose  
The British Barbarians
Blood Royal
Babylon, Volume 1 (of 3)  
Babylon, Volume 2 (of 3)
Babylon, Volume 3 (of 3)

List of Authors

Irving Bacheller    (1859-1950)

Eben Holden
Eben Holden's Last Day A-Fishing  
In Various Moods
The Hand-Made Gentleman  
The Master of Silence
The Marryers
Silas Strong, Emperor of the Woods
The Turning of Griggsby
Keeping Up with William

List of Authors

Arthur Colton    (--)

The Belted Seas
Port Argent   
The Delectable Mountains
Tioba and Other Tales
The Cruise of The Violetta   
Bennie Ben Cree
Harps Hung Up In Babylon

List of Authors

Coningsby Dawson    (--)

Glory of the Trenches  
The Little House
The Raft
Slaves of Freedom
The Vanishing Point
The Test of Scarlet  
Living Bayonets
It Might Have Happened To You
Florence On A Certain Night
The Garden Without Walls

List of Authors

Willis George Emerson    (--)

The Smoky God
A Vendetta of the Hills  
Buell Hampton
My "Pardner" and I  
Emerson on Sound Money
The Treasure of Hidden Valley

List of Authors

Mary Gaunt    (1861-1942)

The Moving Finger
Alone in West Africa  
A Woman In China  
A Broken Journey
Where The Twain Meet

List of Authors

William N. Harben    (1858-1919)

Land of the Changing Sun  
Abner Daniel
Northern Georgia Sketches   
Paul Rundel
Mam' Linda
Pole Baker
The Redemption Of Kenneth Galt

List of Authors

Joseph Hergesheimer    (--)

The Happy End
The Lay Anthony   
The Dark Fleece   
Linda Condon
Tubal Cain

List of Authors

Peter B. Kyne   (1880-1957)

Cappy Ricks
The Long Chance  
Cappy Ricks Retires
The Valley of the Giants  
The Three Godfathers   
Webster-- Man's Man

List of Authors

Alfred Henry Lewis    (1840-1928)

How The Raven Died
The Apaches of New York   
The Story Of Andrew Jackson
Sandburrs and Others
The Story of Aaron Burr
   The Black Lion Inn
The Boss, and How He Came to Rule NY
The Story of Paul Jones
Peggy O'Neal

List of Authors

William J. Locke    (1863-1930)

Simon the Jester
The Morals of Marcus Ordeyne    
At The Gate Of Samaria  
Stella Maris
A Study In Shadows
Where Love Is
The White Dove
The Demagogue and Lady Phayre

List of Authors

George Barr McCutcheon    (1866-1928)

West Wind Drift  
Castle Craneycrow
Black is White
The Light that Lies  
Shot With Crimson
Cowardice Court

List of Authors

Samuel Merwin    (--)

The Short Line War  
The Merry Anne
The Trufflers
Henry Is Twenty
In Red and Gold
Anthony The Absolute   
The Whip Hand
Little World and Hunch Badeau   
Hills of Han

List of Authors

Frank Frankfort Moore    (1855-1931)

Phyllis of Philistia
Fanny's First Novel
The Impudent Comedian & Others
The Lighter Side of English Life   
Daireen, Vol 1
Daireen, Vol 2
Daireen, Complete
A Gray Eye or So, Vol 1
A Gray Eye or So, Vol 2   
A Gray Eye or So, Vol 3
A Gray Eye or So, Complete
A Garden of Peace
The Jessamy Bride
A Journalists Note-Book
The Other World
A Georgian Pageant
According to Plato
The Love That Prevailed
Priscilla and Charybdis
Well, After All

List of Authors

Bill Nye    (1840-1928)

Baled Hay  
Bill Nye and Boomerang
Bill Nye's Chestnuts Old and New   
Bill Nye's Sparks
Bill Nye's Red Book

List of Authors

Ruth Ogden    (1853-1927)

Little Homespun  
His Little Royal Highness   
A Loyal Little Red-Coat
A Little Queen of Hearts

List of Authors

Frank L. Packard    (--)

The Adventures of Jimmie Dale  
The White Moll
From Now On   
The Sin That Was His
The Wire Devils

List of Authors

William Butler Yeats    (1865-1939)

The Countess Cathleen  
The Hour Glass
The Secret Rose
Stories of Red Hanrahan  
Rosa Alchemica

List of Authors

Robert W. Buchanan   (--)

Foxglove Manor, Volume I  
Foxglove Manor, Volume II
Foxglove Manor, Volume III   
Saint Abe snd His Seven Wives  
Lady Kilpatrick  
The Martyrdom of Madeline
The New Abelard, Vol 1(of 3)  
The New Abelard, Vol 2(of 3)
The New Abelard, Vol 3(of 3)

List of Authors

Henry Harland (aka Sydney Luska)    (1861-1905)

The Cardinal's Snuff-Box
My Uncle Florimond  
The Royal End
Two Women or One?   
The Yoke Of The Thorah

List of Authors

Don Marquis    (1878-1937)

Danny's Own Story
Carter, and Other People   
The Revolt of the Oyster   
Danny's Own Story
The Old Soak, Hail And Farewell

List of Authors

Harold Frederic    (1856-1898)

Damnation of Theron Ware  
In The Sixties
The Return of The O'Mahony  
March Hares  
The Lawton Girl  
Seth's Brother's Wife
Mrs Albert Grundy  
The Market-Place
Gloria Mundi  
The Young Emperor, William II of Germany  

List of Authors

Robert G. Ingersoll  (1833 - 1899)
Complete Works—The Dresden Edition

(93K)     Volume I.— Lectures

Volume II.— Lectures

Volume III.— Lectures

Volume IV.— Lectures

Volume V.— Discussions

Volume VI.— Discussions

Volume VII.— Discussions

Volume VIII.— Interviews

Volume IX.— Political

Volume X.— Legal

Volume XI.— Miscellany

Volume XII.— Miscellany

List of Authors


Hall Caine
John Galsworthy
Edward Gibbon
Thomas Huxley
Robert G. Ingersoll      
Thomas Jefferson      
Margaret Queen of Navarre      
Thomas Paine
Antoine de la Sale
George B. Shaw
Mark Twain
Emile Zola
Ambroise Bierce

Creed And Deed By Felix Adler (1851 - 1933)
Monks, Popes, and their Intrigues By John Alberger (circa 1850)
Reason, The Only Oracle of Man By Ethan Allen (1737 - 1789)
Letter To Sir Samuel Shepherd By Anonymous (--)
The Life of David By Anonymous (--)
The Doubts Of Infidels By Anonymous (--)
The Miraculous Conception By Anonymous (--)
Thoughts on the Christian Religion By Anonymous (--)
Christian Mystery By Anonymous (--)
The Gospel of Evolution By Edward Aveling (1849 - 1898)
My Path to Atheism By Annie Besant (1847 - 1933)
What it is Blasphemy to Deny By Annie Besant (1847 - 1933)
Marriage, As It Was, As It Is By Annie Besant (1847 - 1933)
God and my Neighbour by Robert Blatchford (1851-1943)
Not Guilty by Robert Blatchford (1851-1943)
Life of St. Paul by Nicolas-Antoine Boulanger (1722-1759)
Christianity Unveiled by Nicolas-Antoine Boulanger (1722-1759)
Ancient and Modern Freethinkers   By Bradlaugh, Collins and Watts (--)
Humanity's Gain from Unbelief By Charles Bradlaugh (1833 - 1891)
Impeachment of The House of Brunswick By Charles Bradlaugh (1833 - 1891)
The Bible: what it is By Charles Bradlaugh (1833 - 1891)
When Were Our Gospels Written? By Charles Bradlaugh (1833 - 1891)
Heresy: Its Utility And Morality By Charles Bradlaugh (1833 - 1891)
A Few Words About the Devil By Charles Bradlaugh (1833 - 1891)
Some Objections To Socialism By Charles Bradlaugh (1833 - 1891)
Theological Essays By Charles Bradlaugh (1833 - 1891)
L'Histoire Des Vaudois By J. Bresse (--)
Bacon And Shakspere By William Henry Burr (--)
The Battle of The Press By T. Carlile Campbell (--)
Address to Men of Science By Richard Carlile (1790 - 1843)
Life of Thomas Paine By Richard Carlile (1790 - 1843)
Church Reform By Richard Carlile (1790 - 1843)
Society for the Suppression of Vice By Richard Carlile (1790 - 1843)
Pagan and Christian Creeds by Edward Carpenter (1844-1929)
Sex = Love by Edward Carpenter (1844-1929)
Marriage In Free Society by Edward Carpenter (1844-1929)
Supernatural Religion, Vol. I. By Walter Richard Cassels (1826 - 1907)
Supernatural Religion, Vol. II. By Walter Richard Cassels (1826 - 1907)
Supernatural Religion, Vol. III. By Walter Richard Cassels (1826 - 1907)
A Grammar of Freethought By Chapman Cohen (1868 - 1954)
The Life Of Thomas Paine, Vol. I. By Moncure D. Conway (1832 - 1907)
The Life Of Thomas Paine, Vol. II. By Moncure D. Conway (1832 - 1907)
Biblical Extracts By Robert Cooper (--)
The Power Of The Popes By Pierre Claude François Daunou (1761 - 1840)
On the Origin of Species, Ed. 1    by Charles Darwin (1809 - 1882)
On the Origin of Species, Ed. 6    by Charles Darwin (1809 - 1882)
Religion and Science by John William Draper (1811-1882)
In Praise of Folly By Desiderius Erasmus (1466? - 1536))
Myths and Myth-Makers by John Fiske (1842-1901)
Prisoner for Blasphemy by George William Foote (1850-1915)
Flowers of Freethought, I By George W. Foote (1850-1915)
Flowers of Freethought, II By George W. Foote (1850-1915)
Arrows of Freethought By George W. Foote (1850-1915)
Bible Romances By George W. Foote (1850-1915)
Comic Bible Sketches By George W. Foote (1850-1915)
Reminiscences of Charles Bradlaugh   By George W. Foote (1850-1915)
The Book Of God By George W. Foote (1850-1915)
Satires And Profanities By George W. Foote (1850-1915)
Salvation Syrup By George W. Foote (1850-1915)
Voltaire: A Sketch of his Life By George W. Foote (1850-1915)
Watson Refuted By Samuel Francis (1850-1915)
God-Idea of the Ancients By Eliza Burt Gamble ( )
Men, Women, and Gods By Helen H. Gardener (1853-1925)
A Thoughtless Yes By Helen H. Gardener (1853-1925)
An Unofficial Patriot By Helen H. Gardener (1853-1925)
Facts and Fictions of Life By Helen H. Gardener (1853-1925)
Pray You, Sir, Whose Daughter By Helen H. Gardener (1853-1925)
Rule of the Monk By Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807 - 1882)
Thoughts on Man by William Godwin (1756 - 1836)
Sixteen Crucified Saviors By Kersey Graves (1813 - 1883)
The Bible Of Bibles By Kersey Graves (1813 - 1883)
Leviathan By Thomas Hobbes (1588 - 1679)
Cabots and the Discovery of America By Elizabeth Hodges (--)
Auricular Confession + Nunneries By William Hogan (circa 1795)
Popery! As it Was and Is By William Hogan (circa 1795)
Good Sense by Baron D'Holbach (1723-1789)
Letters To Eugenia By Paul Henri Thiry Holbach (1723-1789)
The System of Nature, Vol. 1 By Paul Henri Thiry Holbach (1723-1789)
The System of Nature, Vol. 2 By Paul Henri Thiry Holbach (1723-1789)
Liberty In The Nineteenth Century by Frederic May Holland (--)
Bygones, Vol. 1 By George Jacob Holyoake (1817 - 1906)
Bygones, Vol. 2 By George Jacob Holyoake (1817 - 1906)
Principles Of Secularism By George Jacob Holyoake (1817 - 1906)
The Limits Of Atheism By George Jacob Holyoake (1817 - 1906)
Last Trial For Atheism By George Jacob Holyoake (1817 - 1906)
A Logic of Facts By George Jacob Holyoake (1817 - 1906)
English Secularism By George Jacob Holyoake (1817 - 1906)
Life of Richard Carlile By George Jacob Holyoake (1817 - 1906)
Ludicrous Christianity By Austin Holyoak (--)
The Ghosts By Robert G. Ingersoll (1833 - 1899)
Hell By Robert G. Ingersoll (1833 - 1899)
About The Holy Bible By Robert G. Ingersoll (1833 - 1899)
Oration on Thomas Paine By Robert G. Ingersoll (1833 - 1899)
The Christian Religion By Robert G. Ingersoll (1833 - 1899)
Heretics And Heresies By Robert G. Ingersoll (1833 - 1899)
Humboldt By Robert G. Ingersoll (1833 - 1899)
Individuality By Robert G. Ingersoll (1833 - 1899)
Mistakes of Moses By Robert G. Ingersoll (1833 - 1899)
Thomas Paine-A Lecture By Robert G. Ingersoll (1833 - 1899)
Trial of C. B. Reynolds By Robert G. Ingersoll (1833 - 1899)
Shakespeare By Robert G. Ingersoll (1833 - 1899)
Ingersollia By Robert G. Ingersoll (1833 - 1899)
The Gods By Robert G. Ingersoll (1833 - 1899)
Ancient Faiths And Modern By Thomas Inman (1820-1876)
Ancient Pagan Symbolism By Thomas Inman (1820-1876)
Fruits of Philosophy By Charles Knowlton (1800 - 1850)
Myth, Ritual, and Religion, Vol. 1 by Andrew Lang (1844 - 1912)
Myth, Ritual, and Religion, Vol. 2 by Andrew Lang (1844 - 1912)
Tyanny of God (produced by DP) by Joseph Lewis (1889 - 1968)
The Story of the Mormons by William Alexander Linn (1886-1944)
Supernatural Claims of Christianity by Lionel Lisle ( )
The Story of Mankind By Hendrik van Loon (1882 - 1944)
The Truth About Jesus is He a Myth? By M. M. Mangasarian ( )
The What was the Religion of Shakespeare? By M. M. Mangasarian ( )
The Morality Without God By M. M. Mangasarian ( )
The Bible Unveiled By M. M. Mangasarian ( )
The Story of Joan of Arc By M. M. Mangasarian ( )
What is Christian Science? By M. M. Mangasarian ( )
The Story of My Mind By M. M. Mangasarian ( )
Superstition In All Ages by Jean Meslier (1664-1729)
Religion In The Heavens by Logan Mitchell (--)
Exempting the Churches by James F. Morton, Jr (--)
Nature and the Gods By Arthur B. Moss ( )
Natural Man By Arthur B. Moss ( )
Friends of Free Discussion By Benjamin Offen ( )
The Non-Christian Cross By John Denham Parsons ( )
Character Of The Jew Books By Philanthropos ( )
Character Of a Priest By Philanthropos ( )
Ingersoll in Canada By Allen Pringle ( )
Anthem by Ayn Rand (1905-1982)
The Christ Of Paul By George Reber ( )
Bygone Beliefs by H. Stanley Redgrove (1887-1943)
Lincoln: Was He A Christian? By John B. Remsburg ( )
The Christian Sabbath By John E. Remsburg ( )
Thomas Paine, The Apostle of Liberty By John E. Remsburg ( )
A Short History of Freethought, v2 By John M. Robertson ( )
A Short History of Christianity By John M. Robertson ( )
Maxims of Duc De La Rochefoucauld (1613-1680)
The Holy Coat Of Treves By John Ronge ( )
The Profits of Religion By Upton Sinclair ( )
Preface to Androcles and the Lion By George B. Shaw (1856 - 1950)
The Wandering Jew By Eugene Sue (1804 - 1857)
Arguments of Celsus By Thomas Taylor (1858 - 1938)
The Entire Forbidden Gospels by Archbishop William Wake (1657 - 1737)
Is The Bible Worth Reading by Lemuel K. Washburn ( )
The Eliminator; or, Skeleton Keys by R. B. Westbrook ( )
A Biographical Dictionary of Freethinkers   By Joseph Mazzini Wheeler (--)
Frauds and Follies of the Fathers By Joseph M. Wheeler ( )
Bible Studies By Joseph M. Wheeler ( )
The Christian Doctrine of Hell By Joseph M. Wheeler ( )
Warfare of Science with Theology by Andrew Dickson White (1832 - 1918)
The Ruins by C. F. [Constantin Francois de] Volney (1757-1820)

List of Authors

Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary    (1850-1915)

Vol. 1      
Vol. 2
Vol. 3
Vol. 4
Vol. 5
Vol. 6   
Vol. 7
Vol. 8
Vol. 9
Vol. 10

List of Authors

Henry Smith Williams    (1863 - 1943)

A History of Science, Vol. 1   
A History of Science, Vol. 2
A History of Science, Vol. 3
A History of Science, Vol. 4
A History of Science, Vol. 5

List of Authors

Thomas Paine    (1737 - 1809)

The Complete Writings of Thomas Paine:

Volume I.    
Volume II.    
Volume III.    
Volume IV.

List of Authors

Donald Ogden Stewart    (1894-1980)

Parody Outline of History     Perfect Behavior

List of Authors

Jonathan Swift    (1667-1745)

Bickerstaff-Partridge Papers     A Modest Proposal     The Journal to Stella

List of Authors

Edna St. Vincent Millay    (1892-1950)

Second April        Aria da Capo        The Lamp and the Bell

List of Authors

T. S. Arthur    ( )

Cast Adrift     Friends and Neighbors     The Allen House

List of Authors

Edgar Rice Burroughs    (1875-1950)

The Oakdale Affair     The Outlaw of Torn     The Mucker

List of Authors

James O. Curwood    ( )

Thomas Jefferson Brown     The Country Beyond     Philip Steele

List of Authors

Fyodor Dostoevsky    (1821-1881)

Crime and Punishment     The Idiot     Poor Folk

List of Authors

John Fox Jr.    (1863-1919)

Knight of the Cumberland     The Last Stetson     A Cumberland Vendetta     The Trail of the Lonesome Pine

List of Authors

George Gissing    (1857-1903)

New Grub Street     Demos      In the Year of Jubilee

Isabel Clarendon, Vol. I (of II)     Isabel Clarendon, Vol. II (of II)

List of Authors

Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol    (1809-1852)

Dead Souls     Taras Bulba and Others     The Inspector-General    

List of Authors

Victor Hugo    (1802-1885)

Les Miserables     Memoirs of Victor Hugo     Notre-Dame de Paris     Poems

List of Authors

Martin Luther    (1483-1546)

Concerning Christian Liberty     Epistle to the Galatians     The Smalcald Articles

List of Authors

Individual Ebooks

Seven Wives and Seven Prisons by L.A. Abbott ( )
Orations by John Quincy Adams (1767-1848)
The Outlet by Andy Adams (1859-1935)
Democracy An American Novel by Henry Adams (1838-1918)
The Inhumanity of Socialism by Edward F. Adams (1839-)
Manuel Pereira by F. C. Adams ( )
The Emancipation of Massachusetts by Brooks Adams ( )
Dawn by Mrs. Harriet A. Adams ( )
Frictional Electricity by Max Adeler (1841-1915)
Suppliant Maidens and Other Plays by AEschylus ( )
Aesop's Fables by Aesop ( 620 BC-563 BC)
The House of Dust by Conrad Aiken (1889-1973)
Ester Ried Yet Speaking by Isabella Alden ( )
The Prehistoric World by E. A. Allen (1853-)
Capture of Ticonderoga by Ethan Allen (--)
Bride of the Mistletoe by James Lane Allen (--)
A Boy Trooper With Sheridan by Stanton P. Allen (--)
The Delicious Vice by Young E. Allison (--)
Oh! Susannah by Mark Ambient (--)
Amiel's Journal by Henri-Frédéric Amiel ( )
Andersen's Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875)
O. T. by Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875)
The True Story of My Life by Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875)
Windy McPherson's Son by Sherwood Anderson ( )
Marching Men by Sherwood Anderson ( )
Poor White by Sherwood Anderson ( )
Crushed Flower and Others by Leonid Andreyev (1871-1919)
The Life of Man by Leonid Andreyev (1871-1919)
The Seven who were Hanged by Leonid Andreyev (1871-1919)
The Firefly Of France by Marion Polk Angellotti (1894-1979)
Tom Swift Among The Diamond Makers  by Victor Appleton (1894-1979)
History of John Bull by John Arbuthnot (1667-1735)
The Light of Asia by Edwin Arnold ( )
The Golden Asse by Lucius Apuleius (123-180)
Greyfriars Bobby by Eleanor Atkinson (1863-1942)
Gellert's Last Christmas by Berthold Auerbach ( 1812-1882)
Confessions of Saint Augustine by Saint Augustine ( )
Meditations by Marcus Aurelius (121-180)
Land of Little Rain by Mary Austin (1868-1934)
Great North-Western Conspiracy by I. Windslow Ayer ( )
Decline of Science in England by Charles Babbage (1792-1871)
Essays by Sir Francis Bacon ( )
The Dominion of the Air by J. M. Bacon (1846-1904)
The Lost City by Joseph E. Badger, Jr (1848-1909)
Vignettes Of San Francisco by Almira Bailey (1848-1909)
The Friendly Road by Ray Stannard Baker (1870-1946)
In the Heart of Africa by Samuel White Baker (1821-1893)
The Rifle and The Hound in Ceylon by Samuel White Baker (1821-1893)
The Story of Siegfried by James Baldwin (1841-1925)
The Voice on the Wire by Eustace Hale Ball (1881-1931)
The Female Pirate Captain by Maturin Murray Ballou (--)
History of California by Helen Elliott Bandini ( )
Tropic Days by E. J. Banfield ( )
The Enchanted Typewriter by John Kendrick Bangs (1862-1922)
Little Black Sambo + Mingo by Helen Bannerman (1862-1946)
Life Is A Dream by Pedro Calderon de la Barca (1600-1681)
The Wonder-Working Magician by Pedro Calderon de la Barca (1600-1681)
The Aeroplane Speaks by H. Barber (1875-1964)
Remember the Alamo by Amelia E. Barr (1831-1919)
The Man Between by Amelia E. Barr (1831-1919)
Jennie Baxter, Journalist by Robert Barr (1850-1912)
The Paper Cap by Amelia E. Barr (1850-1912)
A Rock in the Baltic by Robert Barr (1850-1912)
The Strong Arm by Robert Barr (1850-1912)
In the Midst of Alarms by Robert Barr (1850-1912)
One Day's Courtship by Robert Barr (1850-1912)
The Mutable Many by Robert Barr (1850-1912)
Over The Border by Robert Barr (1850-1912)
The Speculations of John Steele by Robert Barr (1850-1912)
Young Lord Stranleigh by Robert Barr (1850-1912)
Orpheus in Mayfair and Others by Maurice Baring (1874-1945)
Kansas Women in Literature by Nettie Garmer Barker (--)
Station Amusements by Lady Barker (--)
Behind A Mask, Or A Woman's Power by A. M. Barnard (--)
Station Life in New Zealand by Lady Barker (1831-1911)
L. P. M. by J. Stewart Barney (--)
The Art of Money Getting by P. T. Barnum (1810-1891)
Cæsar or Nothing by Pío Baroja Baroja (1872-1956)
Our Friend John Burroughs by Clara Barrus (1864-1931)
Air Service Boys in the Big Battle by Charles Amory Beach (--)
The Ghost of Guir House by Charles Willing Beale ( )
Bret Harte Country by Thomas Dykes Beasley (--)
German Garden, by "Elizabeth" by Marie Annette Beauchamp (1866-1941)
Ninth Vibration And Others by L. Adams Beck ( )
The Eve of the Revolution by Carl Becker (1873-1945)
Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green by Cuthbert Bede (--)
Tristan And Iseult by M. Joseph Bedier (1864-1938)
The Man and The Artist by Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
The Path to Rome by Hilaire Belloc (1870-1953)
Young Adventure by Stephen Vincent Benet (1898-1943)
Young People's Pride by Stephen Vincent Benet (1898-1943)
The Grand Babylon Hotel by Arnold Bennett (1867-1931)
From The Log of The "Velsa" by Arnold Bennett (1867-1931)
Teresa of Watling Street by Arnold Bennett (1867-1931)
The City Of Pleasure by Arnold Bennett (1867-1931)
Paris Nights by Arnold Bennett (1867-1931)
Michael by E. F. Benson (1867-1940)
Trent's Last Case by E.C. Bentley ( )
Psychical Researcher's Tale by J. D. Beresford (1873-1947)
My Double Life by Sarah Bernhardt ( )
East of Paris by Matilda Betham-Edwards ( )
The Agony Column     by Earl Derr Biggers
Drake's Great Armada by Walter Biggs (1886-1968))
The Girl From Keller's by Harold Bindloss (1866-1945)
Obiter Dicta by Augustine Birrell ( )
Three Comedies by Björnstjerne M. Björnson (1832-1910)
Artists and Arabs by Henry Blackburn (--)
Three Dramas by Björnstjerne M. Björnson (1832-1910)
Enemies of Books by William Blades (1824-1890)
Caves and Jungles of Hindostan by Helena Pretrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891)
The Great Hunger by Johan Bojer (1872-1959)
The Lani People by J. F. Bone (1916-1986)
Life of Johnson by James Boswell (1740-1795)
Story of the Pony Express by Glenn D. Bradley ( )
The Seventh Man by Max Brand ( )
Journal of an African Cruiser by Horatio Bridge ( )
Hobson's Choice by Harold Brighouse ( )
Plays: The Game; The Northerners; Zack by Harold Brighouse ( )
The Price of Coal by Harold Brighouse ( )
Hepplestall's by Harold Brighouse ( )
Dealing in Futures by Harold Brighouse ( )
Garside's Career by Harold Brighouse ( )
Graft by Harold Brighouse ( )
The Scaring Off Of Teddy Dawson by Harold Brighouse ( )
The Marbeck Inn by Harold Brighouse ( )
Georgie's Present by Miss Brightwell ( )
Grandma's Memories     by Mary D. Brine (--)
Poems     by Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell(circa 1816)
The Professor     by Charlotte Bronte (C. Bell)(1816-1855)
Collected Poems     by Rupert Brooke(1887-1915)
First Across the Continent by Noah Brooks (1830-1903)
True Story of Columbus by Elbridge S. Brooks (1846-1902)
Historic Girls by Elbridge S. Brooks (1846-1902)
Clotelle by William Wells Brown (1816?-1884)
Life and Escape of Wm. Wells Brown by William Wells Brown (1816?-1884)
Negro in The American Rebellion by William Wells Brown (1816?-1884)
Carwin the Biloquist by Charles Brockden Brown (1771-1810)
Rab and His Friends by John Brown, M.D. ( )
Wieland; or The Transformation by Charles Brockden Brown (1771-1810)
Leonardo da Vinci by Maurice W. Brockwell (1869-1958)
Robbery Under Arms by Thomas Alexander Browne (1826-1915)
A Blot In The 'Scutcheon by Robert Browning (1812-1889)
Dramatic Romances by Robert Browning (1812-1889)
Back To Billabong by Mary Grant Bruce (1878-1958)
A Little Bush Maid by Mary Grant Bruce (1878-1958)
The Path of the King by John Buchan (1875-1940)
The Agrarian Crusade by Solon J. Buck (1884-1962)
Cruise of the Cachalot by Frank T. Bullen (1857-1915)
Fairy Tales; Their Origin by John Thackray Bunce (--)
The Fallen Star by Bulwer and Brougham (1778-1868)
Conciliation with America by Edmund Burke ( )
Selections from the Speeches and Writings by Edmund Burke ( )
Diary and Letters of Madame D'Arblay by Fanny Burney (--)
Cecilia, Volume 1 by Frances Burney (--)
Cecilia, Volume 2 by Frances Burney (--)
Cecilia, Volume 3 by Frances Burney (--)
Jewel by Clara Louise Burnham (1854-1927)
Poems and Songs by Robert Burns (1759-1796)
Birds and Bees by John Burroughs (1837-1921)
Birds and Poets by John Burroughs (1837-1921)
My Boyhood by John Burroughs (1837-1921)
Snow-Blind by Katharine Newlin Burt (1882-1977)
The Red Lady by Katharine Newlin Burt (1882-1977)
Vikram and the Vampire by Sir Richard F. Burton (--)
The Idea of Progress by J. B. Bury ( )
God the Known and Unknown by Samuel Butler (1835-1902)
Childe Harold's Pilgrimage by Lord Byron (--)
Cæsar's Commentaries, Books I-IV by Julius Cæsar (100 BC-44 BC)
Legends of San Francisco by George W. Caldwell (1866-1946)
Miss Minerva and William Green Hill by Frances Boyd Calhoun (1867-1909)
The Harlequinade by Calthrop and Barker ( )
City of the Sun by Tommaso Campanella (1568-1639)
Under the Prophet in Utah by F. Cannon and H. O'Higgins (1859-1933)
The Altruist in Politics by Benjamin Cardozo (1870-1938)
Farm Ballads by Will Carleton (1845-1912)
Nan Sherwood at Pine Camp by Annie Roe Carr (--)
Old Mission Stories of California by Charles Franklin Carter (--)
History of the Telephone by Herbert N. Casson (1869-1951)
Invention of a New Religion by Basil Hall Chamberlain (1850-1935)
Between Friends by Robert W. Chambers (1865-1933)
The Fighting Chance by Robert W. Chambers (1865-1933)
The Crown of Thorns by E. H. Chapin (1814-1880)
The Penance of Magdalena by J. Smeaton Chase ( )
The Dean's Watch by Erckmann-Chatrian (--)
Troilus and Criseyde by Geoffrey Chaucer (1343?-1400)
The Magician's Show Box by Lydia Maria Child ( )
The Awakening and Others by Kate Chopin (1851-1904)
Samuel Brohl & Company by Victor Cherbuliez (1829-1899)
Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie (1890-1976)
The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie (1890-1976)
Stories from Livy by Alfred Church ( 1829-1912)
The River War by Sir Winston S. Churchill (1874-1965)
Story of the Malakand Field Force by Sir Winston S. Churchill (1874-1965)
Friendship and Old Age by Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC-43 BC)
The Journals of Lewis and Clark by M. Lewis and W. Clark (--)
For the Term of His Natural Life by Marcus Clarke ( )
Miss Merivale's Mistake by Mrs. Henry Clarke ( )
Speculations from Political Economy by C. B. Clarke ( )
On War by Carl von Clausewitz (1780-1831)
The Mastery of the Air by William J. Claxton ( )
The Memoirs of Fanny Hill by John Cleland (1709-1789)
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Count Bunker by J. Storer Clouston (1870-1944)
The Adventures of M. D'Haricot by J. Storer Clouston (1870-1944)
A Chronicle of Champlain by Charles W. Colby ( )
Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834)
Biographia Literaria by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834)
The King of Ireland's Son by Padraic Colum (1881-1972)
Red Fleece by Will Levington Comfort ( )
Poems By a Little Girl by Hilda Conkling (1910-1986)
Bowery Life by Chuck Connors (--)
Acres of Diamonds by Russell H. Conwell (1843-1925)
Captain Cook's Journal by James Cook (--)
The Last Days of Lee by John Esten Cooke (--)
The Lost Child by François E. J. Coppée (1842-1908)
Temporal Power by Marie Corelli ( )
Introduction to Robert Browning by Hiram Corson (1828-1911)
John Marshall + Constitution by Edward S. Corwin (1878-1963)
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Days in the Open by Lathan A. Crandall (--)
The Witch of Prague by F. Marion Crawford (1854-1909)
Greifenstein by F. Marion Crawford (1854-1909)
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The Pit Prop Syndicate by Freeman Wills Crofts (1879-1957)
The Pictorial Grammar by Alfred Crowquill ( )
Bohemian Paris of Today by Edouard Cucuel ( )
My Pretty Scrap-Book by Mrs. George Cupples ( )
Baron d'Holbach by Max Pearson Cushing (1886-1951)
Ars Recte Vivende by George William Curtis ( )
Literary and Social Essays by George William Curtis ( )
The Potiphar Papers by George William Curtis ( )
Within the Law by Marvin Dana (1867-)
American Prisoners of the Revolution by Danske Dandridge ( )
Merrie England In The Olden Time, Vol. 1 by George Daniel ( )
Merrie England In The Olden Time, Vol. 2 by George Daniel ( )
Foliage by William H. Davies ( )
The Iron Puddler by James J. Davis (1873-1947)
Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe (1660?-1731)
Of Captain Mission by Daniel Defoe (1660?-1731)
Famous Captain Singleton by Daniel Defoe (1660?-1731)
The Brigade Commander by J. W. Deforest (--)
Romance of the Colorado River by Frederick S. Dellenbaugh (--)
The Way to Peace by Margaret Deland (1857-1945)
Handel by Edward J. Dent ( )
Four Arthurian Romances by Chretien DeTroyes (--)
Democracy and Education by John Dewey (1859-1952)
English Villages by P. H. Ditchfield (1854-1930)
Books Fatal to Their Authors by P. H. Ditchfield (1854-1930)
The Foolish Virgin by Thomas Dixon (1864-1946)
The Leopard's Spots by Thomas Dixon (1864-1946)
The Traitor by Thomas Dixon (1864-1946)
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Campaign of Chancellorsville by Theodore A. Dodge (1842-1909)
Hans Brinker by Mary Mapes Dodge ( )
Athaliah by J. Donkersley (--)
The Treeless Street by Annie H. Donnell (1862- )
Rebecca Mary by Annie H. Donnell (1862- )
Life of Frederick Douglass by Frederick Douglass (1818-1895)
My Bondage and My Freedom by Frederick Douglass (1818-1895)
Placid Pug and Other Rhymes by Alfred Douglas (--)
George Sand by Rene Doumic (1860-1937)
The Financier by Theodore Dreiser (1871-1945)
Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser (1871-1945)
Pax Vobiscum by Henry Drummond ( )
Palamon and Arcite by John Dryden ( )
Ridgeway by Scian Dubh ( )
Jewish History by S. M. Dubnow ( )
New Book Of Martyrs by Georges Duhamel ( )
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Pool in the Desert by Sara Jeanette Duncan (1862?-1922)
The Imperialist by Sara Jeanette Duncan (1862?-1922)
Mr. Dooley's Philosophy by Finley Peter Dunne ( )
If by Lord Dunsany (1878-1957)
Tales of War by Lord Dunsany (1878-1957)
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Book of Old English Ballads by George Wharton Edwards (1859-1950)
Vanished Halls and Cathedrals of France by George Wharton Edwards (1859-1950)
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The March of Portolá by Zoeth S. Eldredge (1846-1915)
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Women of The American Revolution, Vol 2 by E. F. Ellet (--)
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Essays, Second Series by Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)
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Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms by Fâ-Hsien (ca. 337-ca. 422)
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Initiation into Literature by Emile Faguet ( )
The Geste of Duke Jocelyn by Jeffery Farnol ( )
Fathers of the Constitution by Max Farrand (1869-1945)
Songs for Parents by John Farrar (1895-1974)
The Missing Prince by G. E. Farrow (--)
The Beaux-Stratagem by George Farquar (1677-1707)
Fanny Herself by Edna Ferber (1885-1968)
Roast Beef, Medium by Edna Ferber (1885-1968)
Dawn O'Hara by Edna Ferber (1885-1968)
Garrison's Finish by W. B. M. Ferguson (1882-1967)
Buttercup Gold and Others by Ellen Robena Field (--)
Love-Songs of Childhood by Eugene Field (1850-1895)
Chimes of Mission Bells by Maria Antonia Field (1885-)
Journal of A Voyage to Lisbon by Henry Fielding (1707-1754)
Amelia by Henry Fielding (1707-1754)
From This World to the Next by Henry Fielding (1707-1754)
The History of Tom Jones by Henry Fielding (1707-1754)
The Governess by Sarah Fielding (1710-1768)
Colonel Daniel Boone by John Filson (1753-1788)
The Path of Empire by Carl Russell Fish (1876-1932)
The Quaker Colonies by Sydney G. Fisher (1753-1788)
Landholding In England by Joseph Fisher ( )
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The Queen Of Spades by Alexander S. Poushkin (1799-1837)
Marie by Alexander S. Poushkin (1799-1837)
Boris Godunov by Alexander Pushkin (1799-1837)
History of the Great War by A. F. Pollard ( )
Canyons of the Colorado by J. W. Powell (1834-1902)
Sir Francis Drake's Voyage by Francis Pretty (--)
What is Property? by P. J. Proudhon (1809-1865)
Swann's Way by Marcel Proust (1871-1922)
The Bittermeads Mystery by E. R. Punshon (1872-1956)
Nonsenseorship by G. G. Putnam and Others ( )
The Counterpane Fairy by Katharine Pyle (1863-1938)
Mademoiselle of Monte Carlo by William Le Queux (1864-1927)
The Roll-Call Of The Reef by A. T. Quiller-Couch (1863-1944)
The Splendid Spur by A. T. Quiller-Couch (1863-1944)
The Caesars by Thomas de Quincey ( )
English Mail-Coach and Joan of Arc by Thomas de Quincey ( )
Narrative And Miscellaneous Papers by Thomas de Quincey ( )
National Epics by Kate Milner Rabb ( )
Phaedra by Jean Baptiste Racine (1639-1699)
The Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Radcliffe (1764-1823)
The Discovery of Guiana by Sir Walter Raleigh (1552-1618)
The Crisis in Russia by Arthur Ransome (1884-1967)
Adventures of Baron Munchausen by Rudolph Erich Raspe (1737-1794)
Drifting by T. Buchanan Read (--)
Lavender and Old Lace by Myrtle Reed (1874-1911)
The Silent Bullet by Arthur B. Reeve (1880-1936)
The Old English Baron by Clara Reeve (1729-1807)
The Way of an Indian by Frederic Remington (1861-1909)
Crooked Trails by Frederic Remington (1861-1909)
The Twin Hells by John N. Reynolds (--)
The Case of Summerfield by William Henry Rhodes (1822-1876)
The Argonautica by Apollonius Rhodius (c. 3rd cent. B.C.)
A Romance of Billy-Goat Hill by Alice Hegan Rice ( )
Captain January by Laura E. Richards (1850 - 1943)
Pointed Roofs by Dorothy Richardson (1873 - 1957)
Hardscrabble by John Richardson ( )
The Grey Nunnery at Montreal by Sarah J Richardson ( )
Red Pepper Burns by Grace S. Richmond (1866-1959)
Riley Farm-Rhymes by James Whitcomb Riley (1849 - 1916)
Little Orphan Annie and Billy's Circus by James Whitcomb Riley (1849 - 1916)
Home Again With Me by James Whitcomb Riley (1849 - 1916)
The Swamp Doctor's Adventures by John Robb ( )
The Children of the Night by Edwin Arlington Robinson (1869-1935)
The Man Against the Sky by Edwin Arlington Robinson (1869-1935)
Letters from an Officer's Wife of Frances M.A. Roe ( - 1920)
Maid of the Whispering Hills of Vingie E. Roe ( )
Ice Creams, Water Ices of Mrs. S. T. Rorer ( )
Impeachment of Andrew Johnson of Edmund G. Ross (1826 - 1907)
Captivity and Restoration by Mrs. Mary Rowlandson (1637 - 1711)
Charlotte Temple by Susanna Rowson (1762-1824)
New Philosophy: Henri Bergson by Edouard le Roy (1870-1954)
Val d'Arno by John Ruskin ( )
Mornings in Florence by John Ruskin ( )
The Analysis of Mind by Bertrand Russell (1872-1970)
The Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell (1872-1970)
War for Humanity by T. H. Russell (1862-1947)
Flying Machines by Russell, and Jackman (1862-1947)
National Being by George William Russell (1867-1935)
Imaginations and Reveries by George William Russell (1867-1935)
In the Old West by George Frederick Ruxton ()
Mauprat by George Sand (1804-1876)
The Devil's Pool by George Sand (1804-1876)
Mazelli, and Other Poems by George W. Sands (1824-1874)
The Pivot of Civilization by Margaret Sanger (1879-1966)
Cross Roads by Margaret E. Sangster (1894-1981)
Umbrellas and their History by William Sangster ( )
Beautiful Joe by Marshall Saunders (1861-1947)
A Fascinating Traitor by Richard Henry Savage (1846-1903)
The Little Lady of Lagunitas by Richard Henry Savage (1846-1903)
The Danish History, I-IX by Saxo Grammaticus (1150-1220~)
Nursing as Caring by Schoenhofer and Boykin ( )
The Indian Fairy Book by Henry R. Schoolcraft ( )
The Dead Are Silent by Arthur Schnitzler (1862-1931)
Casanova's Homecoming by Arthur Schnitzler (1862-1931)
Life And Times Of Washington by Schroeder and Lossing ( )
From The Lips of the Sea by Clinton Scollard ( )
Children of the Whirlwind by Leroy Scott (1862-1931)
Tom Cringle's Log by Michael Scott (--)
Fra Bartolommeo by Leader Scott (--)
Book of Fables and Folk Stories by Horace E. Scudder (--)
The Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison by James E. Seaver (--)
Seneca On Benefits by L. Annaeus Seneca (54 BC - 39 AD)
Rolf In The Woods by Ernest Thompson Seton (1860-1946)
Wild Animals I Have Known by Ernest Thompson Seton (1860-1946)
Johnny Bear by Ernest Thompson Seton (1860-1946)
A Woman Tenderfoot by Grace G. Seton-Thompson ( )
The Darrow Enigma by Melvin L. Severy ( )
Black Beauty by Anna Sewell (1820-1878)
Venus and Adonis by William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
Fair Em by W.S.--Apocrypha (1564-1616)
The Story of a Pioneer by Anna Howard Shaw (1847-1919)
The Daemon of the World by Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792 - 1822)
Peter Bell the Third by Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792 - 1822)
A Defence of Poetry and Others by Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792 - 1822)
The Hispanic Nations by William R. Shepherd (1871-1934)
The School For Scandal by Richard Brinsley Sheridan ( )
Bobbie Bubbles by E.H. Sherwood and M.G. Budlong ( )
The Lord of the Sea by M. P. Shiel ( )
Real Diary of a Real Boy by Henry A. Shute (1856-1943)
Five Little Peppers by Margaret Sidney (1844-1924)
Quo Vadis by Henryk Sienkiewicz (1846-1916)
Starr King in California by William Day Simonds ( )
Life of Francis Marion by William Gilmore Simms (1806 - 1870)
Confession by William Gilmore Simms (1806 - 1870)
Charlemont by William Gilmore Simms (1806 - 1870)
Rogues and Vagabonds by George R. Sims ( )
Mysteries of Modern London by George R. Sims ( )
How The Poor Live by George R. Sims ( )
A Critique of Socialism by George R. Sims ( )
Life and Death of Harriett Frean by May Sinclair ( )
The Canadian Dominion by Oscar D. Skelton (1878-1941)
Pioneers of the Old Southwest by Constance Lindsay Skinner (1877-1939)
Jack in the Forecastle by John Sherburne Sleeper (1877-1939)
Jasmin: Barber, Poet by Samuel Smiles (1812-1904)
Character by Samuel Smiles (1812-1904)
Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith (1723-1790)
Trivia by Logan Pearsall Smith ( )
The Old Market-Cart by Mrs. F. B. Smith ( )
The Created Legend by Feodor Sologub ( )
The Oedipus Trilogy by Sophocles (496-406 B.C.)
Expressive Voice Culture by Jessie E. Southwick ( )
Experiences of a Bandmaster by John Philip Sousa (1854-1932)
Life of Benedict Arnold by Jared Sparks (--)
Life of Horatio Lord Nelson by Robert Southey (1774-1843)
The Source of the Nile by John Hanning Speke (1827-1864)
What Sami Sings by Johanna Spyri (1827-1901)
How I Found Livingstone by Henry M. Stanley (1841 - 1904)
Dennison Grant by Robert Stead (1880-1959)
The Gaming Table, I. by Andrew Steinmetz ( )
The Gaming Table, II. by Andrew Steinmetz ( )
Golf Course Mystery by Chester K. Steele (--)
Isaac Bickerstaff by Richard Steele (1672-1729)
Days with Sir Roger De Coverley by Richard Steele (1672-1729)
A Lecture on Heads by George Stephens (1828-1907)
Irish Fairy Tales by James Stephens (1882-1950)
Tales From Bohemia by Robert Neilson Stephens ( )
Mystery of Murray Davenport by Robert Neilson Stephens ( )
The Crock of Gold by James Stephens (1882-1950)
Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy by Laurence Sterne (1713-1768)
Uncles Josh's Punkin Centre by Cal Stewart (1856-1919)
The Indian's Hand by Lorimer Stoddard (--)
Lemorne Versus Huell by Elizabeth Drew Stoddard (1823 - 1902)
A Bit of Old China by Charles Warren Stoddard (1843, - 1909)
Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896)
Oldtown Fireside Stories by Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896)
Sam Lawson's Oldtown Fireside Stories by Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896)
Queen Victoria by Lytton Strachey (1880-1932)
The Path of Life by Stijn Streuvels ( )
Queens of England, Vol. I.(of III) by Agnes Strickland ( )
Queens of England, Vol. II.(of III) by Agnes Strickland ( )
Queens of England, Vol. III.(of III) by Agnes Strickland ( )
Heimskringla by Snorri Sturlason (1880-1932)
Dame Care by Hermann Sudermann ( )
Vanished Arizona by Martha Summerhayes (1844-1926)
Songs Of Two Nations by Algernon C. Swinburne ( )
Tacitus on Germany by Tacitus (56-120)
Reign of Tiberius by Tacitus (56-120)
Aeroplanes and Dirigibles of War by Frederick A. Talbot (1880-)
Who Was She? by Bayard Taylor (1825-1878)
Beauty and The Beast by Bayard Taylor (1825-1878)
The Story Of Kennett by Bayard Taylor (1825-1878)
Our American Cousin by Tom Taylor (1825-1878)
The Princess by Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892)
Lady Clare by Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892)
Jack and The Bean-Stalk by Hallam Tennyson (--)
The Russian Ballet by Ellen Terry (--)
Stories of a Western Town by Octave Thanet (1850-1934)
City of Dreadful Night by James Thomson (1834-1882)
New Poems by Francis Thomson (1859-1907)
History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides (455? BC-395 BC)
The Masquerader by Katherine C. Thurston (455? BC-395 BC)
Doctor Birch and His Young Friends by M. A. Titmarsh ( )
Hiram The Young Farmer by Burbank L. Todd (--)
Reminiscences of Tolstoy by Ilya Tolstoy (fils) (1866-1933)
Moral by Ludwig Thoma ( )
The Age of Invention by Holland Thompson (1873-1940)
The Biography of a Grizzly by Ernest Seton-Thompson ( )
The Rangers by D. P. Thompson ( )
Democracy In America, Vol. 1 by Alexis de Toqueville (1805-1859)
Democracy In America, Vol. 2 by Alexis de Toqueville (1805-1859)
American Institutions and Influence by Alexis de Toqueville (1805-1859)
The Nation in a Nutshell By George Makepeace Towle( )
Canadian Crusoes By Catherine Parr Traill(1802-1899)
Courts and Criminals By Arthur Train(1875-1945)
Hunting Sketches By Anthony Trollope(1815-1882)
Man who Stole a Meeting-house By J. T. Trowbridge(1827-1916)
Faraday As A Discoverer By John Tyndall(1820-1893)
Theory of the Leisure Class By Thorstein Veblen(1857-1929)
House by The-Medlar-Tree By Giovanni Verga(--)
The Aeniad By Vergil(19 BC)
Poems By Paul Verlaine(1844-1896)
History of Aeronautics By Charles Vivian(1882-1947)
The Gadfly by E. L. Voynich (1864-1960)
The Mahabharata, Vol. 2 by Vyasa ( )
Blindfolded by Earle Ashley Walcott ( )
Malay Archipelago, Vol. 1 by Alfred Russell Wallace (1823-1913)
Malay Archipelago, Vol. 2 by Alfred Russell Wallace (1823-1913)
Russia by Donald Mackenzie Wallace (1841-1919)
Clue of the Twisted Candle by Edgar Wallace (1875-1932)
The Liberty Bell by William Ross Wallace (--)
Jeremy by Hugh Walpole (1884-1941)
Fortitude by Hugh Walpole (1884-1941)
The Gods and Mr. Perrin by Hugh Walpole (1884-1941)
Joseph Conrad by Hugh Walpole (1884-1941)
The Complete Angler, 1653 by Isaak Walton ( )
Why Worry? by George L. Walton ( )
Robert Elsmere by Mrs. Humphry Ward (1851-1920)
Complete Works of Artemus Ward by Artemus Ward (1851-1920)
Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington (1856-1915)
The Cook's Decameron by Mrs. W. G. Water (--)
Shelley by Sydney Waterlow (1878-1944)
Marse Henry by Henry Watterson (1840-1921)
The Old Log Cabin by Lucian B. Watkins ( )
S.F. Vigilance Committee by Stephen Palfrey Webb (1804-1879)
Dear Enemy by Jean Webster (1876-1916)
The Duchess of Malfi by John Webster (1580 - c.1634)
The Gold Bag by Carolyn Wells (1862-1942)
Ptomaine Street by Carolyn Wells (1862-1942)
The Professional Aunt by Mary C.E. Wemyss (--)
The Tale Of Mr. Peter Brown by V. Sackville West(1892-1962)
The Romance of Morien by Jessie L. Weston( )
Buffalo Bill by Helen Cody Wetmore (--)
A Gentleman of France by Stanley Weyman (1855-1928)
Under the Red Robe by Stanley Weyman (1855-1928)
A Book of Scoundrels by Charles Whibley (1859-1930)
American Sketches by Charles Whibley (1859-1930)
Fiat Money Inflation in France by Andrew Dickson White (1832-1918)
Warfare of Science with Theology by Andrew Dickson White (1832 - 1918)
The Unwilling Vestal by Edward Lucas White (1866 - 1934)
The Blue and The Gray by Edward Lucas White (--)
The New House That Jack Built by L. Whitehead ( )
Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman (1819-1892)
Drum Taps by Walt Whitman (1819-1892)
Complete Prose Works by Walt Whitman (1819-1892)
Mother Goose for Grown Folks by A. D. T. Whitney (--)
Ballad of Reading Gaol by Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)
Good Blood by Ernst Von Wildenbruch (1845 - 1909)
Child-Verses by Mary E. Wilkins (--)
Folk-Song and Popular Poetry by Alfred M. Williams (--)
Merton of the Movies by Harry Leon Wilson (1867-1939)
Ruggles of Red Gap by Harry Leon Wilson (1867-1939)
The Code of Honor by John Lyde Wilson (1784-1849)
Lincoln in Caricature by Rufus Rockwell Wilson ( )
Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus by Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889 - 1951)
Other Things Being Equal by Emma Wolf (--)
Maria by Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797)
East Lynne by Mrs. Henry Wood (1814-1887)
The Channings by Mrs. Henry Wood (1814-1887)
Back Home by Eugene Wood (1860-1923)
The Winning of Canada: Wolf by William Wood (--)
The Potato Child and Others by Mrs. Charles J. Woodbury (1848-)
Toots and his Friends by Kate Tannatt Woods (--)
The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf (1882-1941)
Night and Day by Virginia Woolf (1882-1941)
The Re-Creation of Brian Kent by Harold Bell Wright (1872-1944)
The Life of Sir Richard Burton by Thomas Wright ( )
Washington and his Comrades in Arms by George M. Wrong (1860-1948)
The Conquest of New France by George M. Wrong (1860-1948)
Old Indian Legends by Zitkala-Sa (1876-1938)
The Broken Cup by Johann H. D. Zschokke (1771-1848)

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