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"Old News" - Past Newsletters

Please note that the newsletter ceased with the April 2009 issue. As the editor stated in that issue: "After almost two years I am putting down my pen. This is the final newsletter. I hope you have enjoyed past issues and that they have provided you with some signposts to exploring our ebook collection. I find that I am away from my desk quite a bit and it is difficult to keep up with creating new items for inclusion in the newsletter. A number of other articles, relating to ebooks in our collection, appear in the "Treasure Chest" which can be accessed from the link at the top of this page. Details of the contents of each newsletter appear below.

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Contents of the Newsletters

June 2007 D H Lawrence (1885-1930)
June 2007 Early Fantasy Stories
June 2007 PGA Site Search

July 2007 MARC Records
July 2007 Crime and Mystery Writers

Aug 2007 The Western World's Greatest Books
Aug 2007 Project Gutenberg Canada starts up

Sep 2007 Australiana at Project Gutenberg of Australia

Oct 2007 Arthur Conan Doyle

Nov 2007 Edgar Rice Burroughs
Nov 2007 Dr Widger's Library

Dec 2007 Edgar Wallace
Dec 2007 New Crime and Mystery page
Dec 2007 Techniques of the Mystery story by Carolyn Wells

Jan 2008 Rafael Sabatini
Jan 2008 Biographies and Autobiographies of Australian Explorers
Jan 2008 Widger's Quotations - Casanova

Feb 2008 Bestsellers at PGA
Feb 2008 Copyright in Australia
Feb 2008 Poetry - C J Dennis (from 'The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke')
Feb 2008 Widger's Quotations - Lord Chesterfield

Mar 2008 Chinese Literature
Mar 2008 Making the Most of ebooks - Peter Macinnis
Mar 2008 Poetry - Edward Dyson (A New Girl up at White's)
Mar 2008 Widger's Quotations - The Essays of Montaigne, Volume 2

April 2008 New Zealand (Mansfield, Cook, Tasman, PG titles)
April 2008 Poetry - The Band - C J Dennis
April 2008 Quotable Quotes - From 'Insights'

May 2008 Virginia Woolf
May 2008 F Scott Fitzgerald
May 2008 Poetry - John O'Brien ('Said Hanrahan')
May 2008 Widger's Quotations - John Galsworthy

June 2008 Kanga Creek
June 2008 The Sources of History - Swinburne
June 2008 Poetry - John O'Brien ('Tangmalangaloo')
June 2008 Quotes - Mark Twain (in Australia)

July 2008 Two English Thrillers--"The Hole in the Wall" (Morrison) and "The Franchise Affair" (Tey)
July 2008 Short Story--The Buck-jumper (Henry Lawson)
July 2008 Quotable Quotes - Henry David Thoreau (from 'Walden')

August 2008 Birthday Message
August 2008 A Short Essay on Essays
August 2008 Quotable Quotes from Essayists

September 2008 Historical "Faction" - Marjorie Bowen and Helen Simpson
September 2008 Banned Books
September 2008 First Paragraphs

October 2008 Miles Franklin
October 2008 DAISY (Digital Accessible Information SYstem)
October 2008 Mulga Bill's Bicycle

November 2008 Sapper (Herman Cyril McNeile)
November 2008 Australian Humour: The Shearing of the Cook's Dog

December 2008 Christmas Cheer. Extracts from various ebooks

January 2009 Australia Day--accounts by those on the First Fleet including Tench
January 2009 Waltzing Matilda, Advance Australia Fair, Our Country

February 2009 Public Domain Day
February 2009 Valentine's Day--Ovid and the Odyssey
February 2009 Harry Nilsson theme

March 2009 Charles Darwin
March 2009 McDougall topped the score

April 2009 Australian Dictionaries
April 2009 Australian Poetry--The Spider by the Gwydir
April 2009--Burma